Saturday, November 30, 2013

Let's Talk Turkey...

Is it too late to show off the Turkey??

And some of the yummy sides?

We ate Thanksgiving Dinner at Keens Steakhouse in New York City
The ceiling in the restaurant is lined with churchwarden pipes...
a lot of them.
A couple of pretty famous people "checked" their pipe here,
about ninety thousand to be exact.
After they are smoked they are too fragile to carry out so they are left
behind and displayed around the restaurant and on the ceiling.
Babe Ruth's pipe was was Buffalo Bill's
and Teddy Roosevelt.

I had Pecan Pie for desert,

the boys had Apple Crisp

Here we are...
oldest son Scott met us in the city for the day and for dinner.
We had an amazing time and the food was out of this world!!
I hope you all had an amazing holiday!!
And if you are ever in NYC, don't miss this amazing eatery!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Parade!!

We had a front row view!!
NYC  for Thanksgiving...there is nothing in the world like it!!
More tomorrow, I'm completely exhausted!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

We're Here...

In the Big Apple!!

The energy in the city...WoW!!

Here's a peak at the hotel's lobby, It. Is Magnificent.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful, wonderful followers!!
I hope you have an awesome Holiday!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Posing for Pictures

This little Black Capped Chickadee visited on September 27, 2013
 and posed beautifully for pictures.
And those darn tree branches are gonna' be a problem again this year!!

I want to thank everyone for all the kind,
supportive, well wishes on our recent home improvement project.
All the work is done, all the leaks, walls, ceilings
and sheet rock damage has been repaired.

Eighty percent of the "put it back together & clean" is also done.
Everything looks so wonderful, clean and sparkly!!
All I have left to do is the family room...
It's a huge room and needs a lot of cleaning,
there was a lot of sheet rock sanding in that room and
 I don't want to rush.
Next week, I will dedicate one day to getting it back together.

And the hubs....was just smitten with all the birthday wishes.
He's starting to think you guys like him, better then me.

That's not true, is it??

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chasing Sunsets!!

I am forever chasing the setting sun...

last night,

November 25, 2013... it was spectacular!! 

And a BIG Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet husband...
you are the air in my lungs
and I love you to the moon and back! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

After the Roof...

The roof is done...YaY!!

And five sky lights have been replaced.
We had seven but decided the two in our bedroom, over our bed,
which is over the garage, had to go.
We had a few leaks over the years, the roof was the original roof
and it was 29 years old.
The damage from those leaks needed to be repaired,
so now the real torture has begun.
 In my beautiful family room,
all the furniture had to be moved and covered.
We have twenty foot ceilings,
scaffolding needed to be set up, in order to reach

and fix the many nasty leaks like this one.

This is a "we are half way there" shot.
Not exactly my favorite style.

There were five leaks in the living room,
two in the master bath and two in the upstairs den.
The hubs has worked so hard this past weekend,
I have been his trusty assistant.
We are hoping the work is done today, then the cleaning will begin.
Who wants to come help??

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Song-ography ~ Blessed ~ Edition 16

Sometimes I sit on my front porch swing, just soaking up the day

I think to myself, I think to myself, this world is a beautiful place
I have been blessed and I feel like I've found my way

With so much more than I deserve, to be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts, I have been blessed
Across a crowded room
I know you know what I'm thinking
By the way I look at you
And when we're lying in the quiet and no words have to be said
I think to myself, I think to myself
This love is a beautiful gift
I have been blessed!!

Sharing today's Martina McBride song with
Kathy at You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Follow the link, check it out, this is a fun one!!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Big" Project..."Big" Reveal

I am/was so excited about this project and I had a blast doing it!!
First, we'll do a little before and after,
then some of the funny details!
 T.V. Cabinet in the Family Room
empty because one T.V. in the house is enough
and we have one in the other Family Room that we do use.
We used this cabinet for a T.V., before we emptied the nest.

T.V. Cabinet After...
holding "some" of my Scrapbook Supplies.

 A ribbon holder and little drawers,

little shelves...
 and lots of nice big shelves,

that slide out...

to reveal all that yummy scrapbook paper.

And the shelves built right into the T.V. cabinet hold
lots of goodies as well!
Now for some of the funny details...
We went to Michael's to get something for the hubs,
really we did.
I happen to notice all the scrapbooking organizing "stuff" was 40% off.
Be still my heart, I wet my pants and started to cry.
I quickly picked out what the hubs needed
and then mentioned the aforementioned.
And the rest as we say in this house, is history.

Here's what I bought.
Total cost for supplies for the project $ 115.00, worth every penny
Now I know your wondering how all those small boxes
produced something sooooo wonderful...

there was "some" assembly required and the hubs demanded a picture.
I was a little hesitant, because look at my living room.
They were replacing the sky light in the entry way on this day
and all that shit stuff was in the living room!

But then I thought, good, all my blog friends will see,
what a mess it is to replace a roof and five sky lights.

He tried to smile...but it looks a little like pain to me!!
He's such a great sport and I love him to "pieces", pun intended.

There will be an update to this entry
as we bought a piece of wood to cover the hole in the back
and I have a fun idea for decorating the doors inside,
So stay tuned for more.

So, how about you guys, who's got their organizing cap on?? 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Six Words Friday ~ Blessings ~

~ Count your Blessings, Count them Twice ~
Sharing my Blessings with
Please stop by and share Six Words with my dear friend Adrienne.
Many thanks Adrienne for hosting Six Words Friday,
it's both challenging and fun!

Here's a link to the project and free printable.
This would be a fun craft for Thanksgiving day.
Give all your guests a circle and encourage them to write down
and express one or two of their blessings!! 
My tree was so full, and I have so many other blessings in my life!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Proud Momma...

This pretty female Cardinal, was trying to find the balance...
a little loving...a little letting go.
She flew off, then watched.
 Keeping a close eye on her little one,

 being sure he didn't wander off,
as he was a curious little one.
Exploring the deck and grounds for the very first time.

Mom seemed proud as a peacock as she puffed out
and watched from the tree!!
Images from October 8, 2013

Yesterday's project went beautifully, better then expected.
It's almost done but I would like to do the
"drum - roll"..."big reveal" when it's done, done.

For those of you who can't wait, don't want to miss it,
tune in Saturday, yes Saturday will be the big day!!