Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lambertville, NJ

Today, without much planning and very last minute, we decided to take a ride and see if we could catch some fall foliage before the season passed. We wanted to go someplace we had not been to before, not too far and a good meal was a must! We decided on Lambertville, NJ, a cute little town just before the bridge that leads to New Hope, Pa., on the Delaware River. We have been to New Hope once before. I did not love it, I kept thinking what’s all the fuss about. Lambertville is much quieter and had a much prettier landscape. We took a 20 minute horse drawn carriage ride through the very beautiful, very narrow streets that surround the town. We had lunch/dinner at an old converted railroad station, surprisingly called Lambertville Station. The food was excellent. There was a short walk that involved a trip to a very cute little candy shop Chuck had spotted during our carriage ride, the chocolate was divine.

We spotted this great photo spot as we headed home and got the best pictures of the day. No need to mention the family that also stopped here as we were setting up the camera and would not leave so we could get this need to mention that!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am ready for Halloween.......

I have my my very special Halloween bowl.......

my Halloween tree is decorated.......along with some other cute stuff around the house, I will spare you the pictures...

I washed my Halloween shirt (I am NOT a costume person) and my cute little socks....

now all I need are my trick-or-treaters!!!!!! My family teases me every year, proclaiming I only get "7" little cuties each year. My darling husband Chuck asks me every year, just around this time, if I have purchased my "7" candy bars yet....uuuugggghhhh. My lovely sons call around 6 p.m. on Halloween and ask me if the doorbell rang yet. There is always a head count, Chuck says "7" and I lose track. I really can't wait!!!!!!  xo

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flower Gardens

I did not plant any flowers this past spring, nothing, not one plant....but....these grew anyway.......

by this tree.......

and this tree.......

pretty sweet!!!!!!!!

Final Harvest

On Sunday October 3, 2010, I picked what proved to be my final harvest.

tomatoes here.......

peppers here.........

The garden was fun this year but did not "produce" as much as in years past. We are however sick of blt's, grilled cheese and tomatoes and almost anything tomato. The tomatoes did not look as good as they did in years past but they did taste great. Our yellow squash plant squash this summer, one of my favorites. We are still getting peppers but they are rotting on the vine. Next year I will be adding cucumbers and will plant less tomatoes....I love to grow anything and everything!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Post

Soooo here it first blog post, I must say, I am pretty excited!!! 
and I hope it works, since I am new to all of this. 
I started this blog as a diary to memorialize my life, just the day to day stuff, 
the events that make me happy. 
Today I was productive, 
a home improvement project of sorts that I normally would not take on. 
The front house lights were dull, weathered and in desperate need of replacement. 
I recently read a complete strangers blog, 
she had painted the light on the outside of her house 
(among other things) and I thought, 
I can do that and save a ton of money. 
So I did it, with a little (o.k., a lot) of help from my darling husband. 
Now, let's take a look at the before and after photos...

this is the light before...

after a LOT of taping...

drum roll...drum roll, please...

the finished product, 
now isn't that a beauty...almost unbelievable. 
It looks like a brand new light.

Just 3 coats of spay paint and a lot of taping, the cost was under $ 5.00. 
I forgot to say that we did a total of 3 lights, 3 coats each. 
If this post actually posts, (my second try) I will post pics of the other 2 lights.

Fingers crossed!