Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lambertville, NJ

Today, without much planning and very last minute, we decided to take a ride and see if we could catch some fall foliage before the season passed. We wanted to go someplace we had not been to before, not too far and a good meal was a must! We decided on Lambertville, NJ, a cute little town just before the bridge that leads to New Hope, Pa., on the Delaware River. We have been to New Hope once before. I did not love it, I kept thinking what’s all the fuss about. Lambertville is much quieter and had a much prettier landscape. We took a 20 minute horse drawn carriage ride through the very beautiful, very narrow streets that surround the town. We had lunch/dinner at an old converted railroad station, surprisingly called Lambertville Station. The food was excellent. There was a short walk that involved a trip to a very cute little candy shop Chuck had spotted during our carriage ride, the chocolate was divine.

We spotted this great photo spot as we headed home and got the best pictures of the day. No need to mention the family that also stopped here as we were setting up the camera and would not leave so we could get this need to mention that!!!!


  1. thats some very nice fall foliage you have behind you in these pictures! you'd better hurry up and take advantage of seeing it before it all falls off. then you can have pete come & remove the leaves and then all the neighbors can blow their leaves in your yard! like usual :)