Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Don't you just love the locals,

who really "do it up" for halloween!!

These amazing displays are right here in my home town!!

We also see lots of these "blow-up'" thingy's around here!!

Jack is lit...

the tree looks marvelous,

the candy bowl is full...

and I've got my special socks on!!

I know your not laughing at the socks!!

Happy Halloween...I hope you all get lot's of little ghosts and goblins!!

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Sitting right outside my home office window.

I wasn't going to get up and get the camera,
I was sure he would just fly off.
I enjoyed him for a minute and then I went for the camera,
I had to change the lens...surely he would be gone!!

But he wasn't, he stayed.
And as an added bonus, he posed!!
Don't you just love the white eye liner??

Sending out a big hug to my special friend Theresa at


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Movie Night

Last night was movie night at home!!

We watched Bridesmaids,
I didn't love it!!
There were some funny parts,
Melissa McCarthy (Megan), in my opinion stole the show!!

I did however love this...

with extra of this...

which turned in to this!!

We used the snowflake bowls because...

this was happening outside!!

It was so pretty to watch but it didn't stick to the ground,  I wish it had!!

So how about you guys...who got snow yesterday??

Saturday, October 29, 2011


but only ever so slightly!!

This was taken through the glass at my home office window
on a beautiful sunny day!!

It's cold and raining today. An inside day, to do inside things.
I actually love a good rainy day!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill'er Up...

Do you say that, when you go to the gas station..."fill'er up"??

Every fourth Friday, I go for my "refill"...but a refill of a different kind!! 
I receive the medication for the MS monster that invades my body!!
I always go on Friday, and today was my day!!

We all try to make it fun.
My contribution?? You guessed it...cupcakes!! 
I baked these for the nurses and other patients!!

These were for my nurse Michele to bring home for her son Stephen, who I personally adore!!
He sends me his requests and suggestions through Facebook.
How could you not love that!!
Also worth noting is that I shared my peeps with Steven,
now that's love!!

I loved the spider web cupcakes but could not find the spider rings
that are suppose to go on top!!

I also made a tray for Kim to bring home for her children.

Here's Kim, doing her best America's Next Top Model impression!!
She is the kindest nurse I know.

Kim gets to stick me and she gets me, first stick, every. single. time.

Our infusion suite...fancy, right??

My infusion mate Dan, is he not adorable??
He's taken girls. He has an adorable new baby girl
and an amazingly devoted wife!!

Two more of my infusion buddies on the left,
Dan's Mom on the right.

I have blogged about my infusions before,
here, here and here.

It's not too exciting but I love sharing that I know how to do links,
because for me, that's a big deal!! 

I'm home now, exhausted and glad it's over!!

The cupcakes were a big hit!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stuff That Rocks...

Getting my baby back in less then 24 hours!!

Purple gloves for 3 Buck-A-Roos!!

Having plenty of sprinkles, jimmies and colored sugar for your
Halloween Cupcakes!!

Halloween Peeps...they really do make em!!

A fall train ride at Allaire State Park!!

And last but not least, desert...

don't ever skip it!! 

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The Jackson Diner

This is NOT you're typical diner, what a fun place to eat...

50's style diner...

look at all those colors,

and all kinds of fun memoribalia on that shelf.

This was the view when we walked in the door,
I'm not going to say that I almost "wet my pants"!!

I LOVED these hand painted murals.

So fun and so much detail, these were amazing!!

This is the outside of the diner...
It was "diner food" so I did not take pictures of the grub!!
 We ate junk food anyway. This was a super fun "diner dinner"
on July 25, 2011!!

My computer is with the "computer guy", getting healthy!!

This entry is one of those posts I prepared and then did not share
because I always had something "better"!!

Now, I like it, especially since all my pictures are on my other computer!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Disturbing a Nap...

but only ever so slightly!!!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barn Charm #15

Here's the spread....

Edel Haus Farm in Wall Township, New Jersey

This is where Iris and all my Alpaca friends reside!!

Sweet spot, right?! I wouldn't mind living there!!

You've met Iris

Let me introduce you to Bella, born on October 15, 2011
I met her today, she is ten days young!!
Is she not adorable?!

Iris is my favorite Alpaca...she is not Bella's mother.
Bella's mom, pictured here with her, never left her side!!

 They also hang out here, this is quite the farm!!

Sharing with Tricia's Barn Charm

Thanks Tricia

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at My Field of Dreams won my Give-A-Way!!

We did it the old fashioned way!!
Hand written slips of paper, cut, folded, you get the idea... 
I took pictures of the whole process, but trust me, they were bor-ring!!

You won 20 handmade note cards, take your time, pick some of your favorite pictures from my blog
and I will hand craft the cards just for you!!

Kim is a wonderful, kind hearted farm girl, with an amazing spirit,
if you are not following her blog, you should be...
she is an amazing person.

Congratulations Kim, I am so happy it was you
but honestly, I wish everyone could win!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking Up

Hundreds of parasols create this beautiful pattern above Exhibition Hall
Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

Make sure you look up, it was an amazing sight to see!!

These are the last of the photo's from our trip on October 7, 2011.
The other pictures from this fabulous day can be viewed here and here.


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