Sunday, October 30, 2011

Movie Night

Last night was movie night at home!!

We watched Bridesmaids,
I didn't love it!!
There were some funny parts,
Melissa McCarthy (Megan), in my opinion stole the show!!

I did however love this...

with extra of this...

which turned in to this!!

We used the snowflake bowls because...

this was happening outside!!

It was so pretty to watch but it didn't stick to the ground,  I wish it had!!

So how about you guys...who got snow yesterday??


  1. I have not seen that movie yet. We did have snow that stuck about 3-4 inches of the white stuff. Hopefully it will be gone today. Have a great Sunday, Debbie!

  2. You've made me hungry for popcorn! I haven't seen that movie yet either. Thanks for the review...I may skip it.

    Your picture of the snow is so pretty! None here...yet.

    Have a wonderful day, Debbie!

  3. Have not heard of that film yet, but may give it a miss. But that popcorn looks really yummy.
    No snow here only rain, rain and more rain. I'd love some snow!!!!

  4. I love popcorn and snow. We had popcorn last night too, but snow yet.

  5. I surely did!!

    I saw Bridesmaids and did not care for it either. Kept asking myself when it was going to get funny, and it never really seemed to happen. I do know that wonderful looking popcorn would make any movie bearable! :-)

    Happy Sunday to you Debbie!

  6. Haven't seen that movie... I don't watch many... can't believe it is snowing already back there!

  7. haven't seen that movie either.
    but i love pop corn.

    that looks delicious!

    happy day!


  8. It looks like a fun evening, and the last time we had snow was 14 years ago.
    WE enjoyed it and still every year my kids wish for snow.
    I am glad you had fun.

  9. When my kids were young and at home, we had popcorn every Friday night. And extra butter is always good! Not that I need it...LOL. No snow here, but I know it will get here sooner or later. Later would be good enough for me!! :D

  10. It will stick soon enough.

    Have you seen 27 dresses?
    Now that's a good movie about bridesmaids :)

  11. Flurries only here! And we got some sleet on Friday afternoon.

  12. When Heather was home we would always have pizza and a movie on Friday nights. I hope you are staying warm.

  13. I thought of you and wondered if you got snow!...We got NO SNOW!!! We are now in Arizona...and its 32C.... YES!!!
    (But when we go home for Christmas... I'm sure we'll have snow and COLD COLD COLD:)

  14. Haven't seen the movie. Love popcorn! We got snow two weeks ago that stayed on the ground for two or three days. Weather's beautiful but cold right now.

  15. i'm jealous. i make popcorn, but the marine layer from the pacific, as refreshing as it is, does not have the beauty falling snow does. yeah, bridesmades was okay. some funny parts.

  16. Only a couple inches stuck...freezing cold here this morning. Should get back to more "typical" fall weather by the end of the week. Passed on that movie, although I like her, I never heard glowing reports about it.

  17. I like bridesmaids!! Totally funny!! I've heard the east coast is getting dumped on! It was probably like12c here yesterday!!! There is usually about 2 feet of snow by now! Hahah. First Halloween in a long time with now snow!!!

  18. No snow here -- it's supposed to be in the 70s here tomorrow, then in the 40s on Wednesday with a chance of snow. Blah! Blech!

    I thought that movie looked funny -- I'll wait until it comes on the cable movie channel. :)