Tuesday, October 25, 2011


at My Field of Dreams won my Give-A-Way!!

We did it the old fashioned way!!
Hand written slips of paper, cut, folded, you get the idea... 
I took pictures of the whole process, but trust me, they were bor-ring!!

You won 20 handmade note cards, take your time, pick some of your favorite pictures from my blog
and I will hand craft the cards just for you!!

Kim is a wonderful, kind hearted farm girl, with an amazing spirit,
if you are not following her blog, you should be...
she is an amazing person.

Congratulations Kim, I am so happy it was you
but honestly, I wish everyone could win!!


  1. oh my goodness. two nicer ladies in blogland i do not know. you and kim are a perfect compliments of kindness across the country from one another. congrats, kim! :)

  2. She is also a very lucky girl! :) Congratulations, Kim!

  3. Lucky lady, congratulations!!!

  4. OH my goodness!!! I won, thank you, I will go through and look at your lovely, lovely pictures. Thank you so much.
    You are such a sweetie pie. Thank you, Debbie,

  5. a heartfelt congrats to kim!
    first time here.
    just dropped by via denise's blog to say hi!

    your blog is really lovely!

    have a great day!

  6. I love that you chose to select "the old fashion way". I will hop over to visit Kim. Hugs!

  7. Congratulations Kim, and what a generous giveaway Debbie. You are a sweetheart!!