Saturday, October 1, 2011

These Stormy Skies

could not keep us away!!

It didn't discourage this fisherman with his dog...

or us from having an awesome time at Pier Village today!!

We were entertained by The Rock N Roll Chorus.
An amazing group of talented teens that sing "a capella".

As you might expect, we did have dinner there...

Chuck had pasta, it was amazing...

I had scallops and mashed potatoes.

Isn't that beautiful, it was delish!!

There was desert...

Chuck's banana bread pudding,

My warm peach tart, it may look familiar, I've had it before!!

It started to rain as we rode our bikes, we loaded them up and headed home!!

Had we stayed, they were planning a bonfire, on the beach.

 The sun popped out as we were driving home...
gorgeous right?!

I am a homebody, but I can see where you might think I'm not!!
I love being home but I love going out as well!!


  1. What an awesome day and dinner and dessert looked great too.


  2. Great images. The last one is especially beautiful.

  3. well, i wasn't going to say anything on that previous post about you never leaving home and being fine with that. as much as you two go, go, go, go, go, i wasn't buying it... now I am a homebody! :)

  4. Your first shot makes the beach look vast. All that sky and sand and the little person down by the water. I love it, great shot.
    Your dinner looks wonderful too, sounds like a good day :)

  5. Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a nice time in spite of the weather. Sorry the bonfire was rained out.
    I agree: I like to be at home, but we seem to go a lot!

  6. Looks like a great day!

    Those scallops look fantastic!

  7. Beautiful scenery, yummy food, good company ~ perfection!

  8. There you go again....making me hungry :)
    Is it just me, or have our Falls been unusually wet the past couple of years? Last year we never got to enjoy the leaves because the rain knocked them all off.

  9. I gain weight every time you do this!!!LOL