Friday, July 31, 2020

A Labor Of Love

Watching each board being nailed to the outer frame, seeing the roof go on
and the siding go up...

At times this can seem like a job, to many it would seem like work,
but this project is more like a hobby or a "Labor of Love"!

This is the seventh building the hubs built on this property, it will be the last.
Seven acres, these are all pole barns, this is the last building he has approvals from the town for!

You can read a little more about Pole Barns here.
And the company that constructs them for us, New Frontier Builders here.

He tells everyone we are retired but that could not be further from the truth.

He has built so many other buildings, they will all still be here long after we are gone.
Our legacy I guess...he started before he turned 20 and I was mesmerized with his ambition and talent.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Caring For The "Cats"

Caterpillars, that is...
The hubs calls them "cats"!
"Did you check the "Cats"?, did you feed the "Cats"?...
- did you clean the cage? -

The caterpillars have 3 activities, they eat, they sleep and they poop, a lot!

In this image I have just finished cleaning the cage, and given them fresh dill.

Here is one large and one small caterpillar, 
they start to eat immediately after I place the dill in the cage.

They usually arch this way and pull the dill up toward them when they eat.

First an egg...
then a caterpillar or feeding stage...
after eating a lot, the caterpillar stops eating,
looks for the perfect spot and forms this "J" hook.
You can see the silk they spin to hang from.

After a few days in the "J" hook, it forms into a chrysalis or pupa.

I do not know the exact time frames, I always have so many in the cage,
it is hard for me to keep track...
and I often think, what's the point anyway!!

The hubs and I both enjoy this so much, our first butterfly should be any day now.

We have 10 babies we just brought in, and so the next crop begins!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Summer - And The Livin' Is Easy

When you talk about easy livin' you have to start here...

with the pool.
It has been wonderful and we have enjoyed many days in it.
I have done a lot of swimming, and it has been great for my mind and spirit.
Of course, winning all those games of Corn Hole does't hurt either.

I like the "entrance" to the pool area, it makes it feel like a room in the house.

We continue to get these wonderful summer storms.
This rain came the morning I was having the girls over.
After the rain, 
the skies cleared and it was the perfect day for swimming with the girls.

We have been enjoying the first tomatoes from the many plants I planted.
The yard animals have been enjoying them as well...
next year - new plan!

From a distance, I thought this was a Lady Bug.
Up close, 
I was not sure what it was...anyone know? 
It's a Hoverfly, also called a flower flies, thanks Peg.
I did a Google search and thought it might be a Lady Beetle, 
there is such a thing.

I chase these Sulfur Butterflies around the yard all the time.
Here, they just don't seem to land and when they do, 
it is only for a second or two.
You have to be ready, really ready.

I finished season one of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix, I hope there is a season two.
Perhaps not for everyone but I really enjoyed it.

The Trellis Shawl 
is FINALLY coming along and I have a good handle on the pattern.
I understand it, 
have memorized parts of it and I can finally watch t.v. while I knit.
Thanks Leanne for believing in me...
and I am pretty happy that I believed in myself.

I don't like coffee,
but these Mocha Coolatta's from Duncan Donuts are really awesome.
Not too much coffee, they have just the right amount to "pick me up" when I feel like I need it!

Life is good, we are well and happy, I hope you are as well!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Life - In Slow Motion...

The pace is pretty slow around here...

the Bucket List looks about the same.
Even though I put very little on the list as compared to previous summers,
between the heat and things being closed,
it is hard to cross anything off the list.

Life is not so bad in slow motion,
I have accomplished so much around the house,
I have enjoyed knitting,
and I have really enjoyed the down time in the pool.

I washed and blocked the 
Irish Hiking Scarf
It blocked up nicely and does not have any curl to it now.
I must say I love it more now that it is done...
I think I will keep it but it may also be a Christmas present!

Many of the dill flowers on my dill plants have turned to seed,

a lot of seed that I will keep and plant next year.

I have been able to put some 
"Beautiful Moments"
in the jar!
It sits on the kitchen counter so I don't forget about it.
So I am sure to remember those little moments,
those small special ones.

This garden full of flowers around the backyard deck is doing very well.
It is full to the brim and very colorful!

I always like how they look as they peek through the deck!

Another couple of days in the book, life in slow motion, not so bad, right?

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday Critters ~ 345 ~

We have a lot of different critters and bugs in our yard.
Too many to list in one post, but here are a few of the pictures I have taken lately.

Praying Mantis 

Green Stink Bug

Leopard Moth


The squirrel, Junior, when it get's hot out!

Baby Bunny

And I only caught the tale end of this Raccoon!

Sharing today's images with Eileen at 
Viewing Nature With Eileen 
for Saturday Critters

Friday, July 24, 2020

Cool In The Pool

My great nieces, Adelina and Lorelei came yesterday for a swim in the pool.
They never got out, for hours and hours, they really had the best time.
They are both great swimmers, both very comfortable in the pool.
Their adorableness is unmatched, they are the cutest kids you will ever meet...
and the stories they tell and the things they say,
they will make me smile for years to come!

I had all the special things for them,
chips, drinks, ice pops, they never left the pool, they ate nothing!
Of course they did find the bowl of candy kisses on the kitchen counter,
that's always their treat before leaving.
A handful of those is always good for the ride home.
And they each get 2 of my Beanie Babies before they leave, 
they think that's a great tradition, 
but I am just trying to get rid of my collection.
I hope to have the kids more often now that I have made a tiny leap out of quarantine...

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Piddling Around

I think that is what I do, but I do have a "piddling" routine,
somewhat at least.
Right now, the caterpillars get my full attention first thing in the morning.
They have to be fed and the cage has to be cleaned.

A few mornings ago,

I made Ducan Hines Simple Mornings Blueberry Muffins

They had a streusel on top and they were very good.
They needed more blueberries, 
which I had in the freezer and didn't add/didn't know,
I would make these again and next time I will add more.

I usually prep all of the ingredients for supper late morning,
I always feel tired and uninspired at dinner time.
Having the ingredients prepped helps a lot.

Watering the garden is also in there early in the morning.
Laundry, office days are so busy, I never seem to fit it all in.

I have been knitting some.
Here is what I started and I showed you on Monday,
The Trellis Shawl
it is starting to look like something now.

As the evening was winding down,
I heard the ice cream man!
The hubs ran as if we might miss it.
My phone rang and he said the line was 10 kids deep.
those kids next door and their friends...
It didn't take too long and he appeared with 2 ice creams...

A chocolate eclair for me...
and an original for him.

It's been hot and very humid...but I do not have any trouble filling up the days!!

We had a swim in the pool yesterday, the water was 89 degrees.
We tied at Corn Hole...I just threw him a bone!

That's a wrap...these are the days that go in the book!