Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Summer - And The Livin' Is Easy

When you talk about easy livin' you have to start here...

with the pool.
It has been wonderful and we have enjoyed many days in it.
I have done a lot of swimming, and it has been great for my mind and spirit.
Of course, winning all those games of Corn Hole does't hurt either.

I like the "entrance" to the pool area, it makes it feel like a room in the house.

We continue to get these wonderful summer storms.
This rain came the morning I was having the girls over.
After the rain, 
the skies cleared and it was the perfect day for swimming with the girls.

We have been enjoying the first tomatoes from the many plants I planted.
The yard animals have been enjoying them as well...
next year - new plan!

From a distance, I thought this was a Lady Bug.
Up close, 
I was not sure what it was...anyone know? 
It's a Hoverfly, also called a flower flies, thanks Peg.
I did a Google search and thought it might be a Lady Beetle, 
there is such a thing.

I chase these Sulfur Butterflies around the yard all the time.
Here, they just don't seem to land and when they do, 
it is only for a second or two.
You have to be ready, really ready.

I finished season one of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix, I hope there is a season two.
Perhaps not for everyone but I really enjoyed it.

The Trellis Shawl 
is FINALLY coming along and I have a good handle on the pattern.
I understand it, 
have memorized parts of it and I can finally watch t.v. while I knit.
Thanks Leanne for believing in me...
and I am pretty happy that I believed in myself.

I don't like coffee,
but these Mocha Coolatta's from Duncan Donuts are really awesome.
Not too much coffee, they have just the right amount to "pick me up" when I feel like I need it!

Life is good, we are well and happy, I hope you are as well!


JustGail said...

Definitely not a lady beetle, they have hard wing covers. It also doesn't quite look like a honeybee. Most likely this was a drone fly, based on a fast search of "bee vs fly" images.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Your pool does look wonderful. I like the view of the river> The home grown tomatoes are yummy. I am still waiting on some of our cherry tomatoes. Pretty butterfly and your shawl is looking beautiful. Enjoy your day!

Peg said...

The might be a hoverfly, also called flower fly. I didn't find one that's an exact match, but they have yellow and black bodies. With all your flowers, it makes sense that they would like your yard. It's beneficial; its larvae eat aphids.

R's Rue said...


Sandi said...

If people could dive into blog pictures I wonder how many of us would be in your pool right now?? 😄

Debbie said...

thanks peg, you nailed it. it does not appear that you have a blog for me to visit you!! thanks so much for the visit and for leaving me a comment!!

Debbie said...

thanks gail, for visiting and for trying to identify the mystery bug. if you had a blog, i would enjoy visiting you!! have a great day!!

Debbie said...

hehehehe, oh sandi, wouldn't it be nice to have a pool party for us bloggers!!!

Linda said...

I love your pool! Your yard! Your LIFE!! It's all so beautiful!!

Marie Smith said...

You’re having those moments when life is perfect, Debbie! I am so happy for you!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Lovely scenes, from your pool and the rest of your yard.

Lowcarb team member said...

Your garden and pool look fabulous.
Loved your other photographs too.

All the best Jan

Kim said...

I can imagine many, many hours enjoying that view from the pool. It is an outside room, isn't it....just beautiful. Your Trellis shawl is pretty. Love the pattern and the colour of the yarn. 'Summertime....and the livin' is easy........certainly comes to my mind.

Susie said...

Gosh Debbie, I want to come play at your house. That pool area is gorgeous. I would love hearing the children squeal. Don't you love the sound of children at play. Tomatoes, yummy. That scarf looks nice too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have the most beautiful pool! I would love to spend time out there...with you of course! That fly is wild looking, isn't it? Love your shawl and that neat sea glass book. Enjoy your week! We had rain showers off and on today too! Hugs!

LeAnn said...

I do love getting a glimpse into your day. Your pool is lovely and I like the entrance too. I think it is so fun that you play games in the pool; sweet. Your tomatoes look yummy. Ours are almost ripe; I'm excited for that. I think early morning rain is fun, especially when the temperature are suppose to be high. I'm sure having the girls over is the best. Your Scarf is looking beautiful and I love the color. You captured great photos of your butterfly and the Hoverfly; although it looked like a bee to me.
Blessings and hugs!

Angie said...

Debbie - can you send some of that rain our way? This is my third summer in Montana, so I know the drill, but I still wish we would get some rain ... seven weeks and counting .... Your pool looks really good right about now. Summer has finally arrived here, like overnight, and we have a heat advisory for this weekend - for us, this means 96 degrees!!!! Maybe I have missed something - why do you chase the Sulfur Butterflies? Enjoy the last week of July!

Debbie said...

they are so quick, i have to chase them if i want to get a picture!!!

Farm Girl said...

What a beautiful view you have Debbie. Your photos are amazing. I am so glad you are having a nice summer, Its really nice to read about. Your scarf is lovely. I hope your day is fantastic.

Conniecrafter said...

Love your little trellis over the entrance to your pool, that is so pretty, glad the rain went away just in time to have the girls over. We watched the sweet Magnolias too, we liked it. I can't take any hint of coffee, one lady made something at church that had a hint of coffee in it, she said you can't even taste it, I said maybe if you like coffee you can't taste it but for someone that doesn't like it, I could clearly taste it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The pool “room” is wonderful and your summer days sound lovely!