Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am ready for Halloween.......

I have my candy....in my very special Halloween bowl.......

my Halloween tree is decorated.......along with some other cute stuff around the house, I will spare you the pictures...

I washed my Halloween shirt (I am NOT a costume person) and my cute little socks....

now all I need are my trick-or-treaters!!!!!! My family teases me every year, proclaiming I only get "7" little cuties each year. My darling husband Chuck asks me every year, just around this time, if I have purchased my "7" candy bars yet....uuuugggghhhh. My lovely sons call around 6 p.m. on Halloween and ask me if the doorbell rang yet. There is always a head count, Chuck says "7" and I lose track. I really can't wait!!!!!!  xo


  1. That looks like a nice assortment of candy there, very tempting haha. And the halloween tree looks great! I have a feeling that theres gonna be alot of trick-or-treaters this year, i can feel it :)

  2. oohhhh mike, thanks for the comment. My blogs NOT getting a lot of "action".....I have four shawdows following me, but 3 of them are my very most favorite people in the world!!!!! I have m&m's....come and ring the bell!!!! xo

  3. Scott....I kno you are not making fun of my socks....right....!!!!!!