Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Big" Project..."Big" Reveal

I am/was so excited about this project and I had a blast doing it!!
First, we'll do a little before and after,
then some of the funny details!
 T.V. Cabinet in the Family Room
empty because one T.V. in the house is enough
and we have one in the other Family Room that we do use.
We used this cabinet for a T.V., before we emptied the nest.

T.V. Cabinet After...
holding "some" of my Scrapbook Supplies.

 A ribbon holder and little drawers,

little shelves...
 and lots of nice big shelves,

that slide out...

to reveal all that yummy scrapbook paper.

And the shelves built right into the T.V. cabinet hold
lots of goodies as well!
Now for some of the funny details...
We went to Michael's to get something for the hubs,
really we did.
I happen to notice all the scrapbooking organizing "stuff" was 40% off.
Be still my heart, I wet my pants and started to cry.
I quickly picked out what the hubs needed
and then mentioned the aforementioned.
And the rest as we say in this house, is history.

Here's what I bought.
Total cost for supplies for the project $ 115.00, worth every penny
Now I know your wondering how all those small boxes
produced something sooooo wonderful...

there was "some" assembly required and the hubs demanded a picture.
I was a little hesitant, because look at my living room.
They were replacing the sky light in the entry way on this day
and all that shit stuff was in the living room!

But then I thought, good, all my blog friends will see,
what a mess it is to replace a roof and five sky lights.

He tried to smile...but it looks a little like pain to me!!
He's such a great sport and I love him to "pieces", pun intended.

There will be an update to this entry
as we bought a piece of wood to cover the hole in the back
and I have a fun idea for decorating the doors inside,
So stay tuned for more.

So, how about you guys, who's got their organizing cap on?? 


  1. It seemed like you have had some great achievement.

  2. Debbie, looks like a great idea and piece to hold all your supplies! I had to laugh at what YOU came home with after going to shop for your hubs!

    Have a happy weekend!

  3. How cool and very ingenious! I won't use the word "re-purpose" because it gets overused, but a great idea! Your husband is certainly a good sport, too!

  4. ¸.•°♪♬♫º°

    ❥ Bom fim de semana!

  5. awesome. i love the before & after shots. so fun see how it all started. i am glad you have it all in a neat little package - now all is organized & you can be oh so creative. what will be your 1st project? tell your husband - he did a great awesome job!!

    hope the sky lights are coming along too. ( :

  6. Love it, Debbie! Funny thing -- we had an old TV cabinet, too, but made it into a bar/liquor cabinet. I'll take a pic and show it on my blog. (Shows where MY mind is!!)
    I'm planning to get rid of many of my unused books that occupy a hutch top over my fining cabinets. Then, I'll use it for craft supplies. I already have a nice paper cabinet next to my desk. I know my husband would have the same "grin and bear it" look as yours!

  7. Oh I love redo things, That is awesome and Chuck is quite the magician. I had to keep going back and looking at each photo. I love how your space looks now and I love that ribbon holder. I also loved seeing your living room, I think it looks so homey and nice.
    I really do love all of the work you did. It really turned out incredible.

  8. Beautiful Debbie your new paper cabinet!

  9. that's totally awesome! love the ribbon holding bar. really cool!

  10. You do!! You do!!! That is so totally out of this world awesome. I'm so jealous!!!

  11. Fantastic Debbie! I wish you many happy hours with it all. I agree with TexWisGirl, that is very, very cool!

  12. HI Wow! That is awesome. Good luck with all your scrap booking.

  13. Debbie, that is beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend !

  14. A wonderful idea! It all looks great. You have a beautiful living room. Blue is my favorite color so I really like your sofa arrangement.

  15. WOW WOW WOW I am so impressed you are a genius of declutter. I love this idea and the hubs sure is a patient smiling happy man. Oh great idea my dear friend. Happy scrapbooking there is nothing to stop you now. HUGS B

  16. Excellent way to re-purpose a piece of furniture.

  17. Oh I am very impressed, what a great place to keep all of your scrapping equipment. Your own wee special cupboard - I love it:))

  18. Debbie that is an awesome idea. I love how it turned out! You are so smart and creative and your husband is a peach for putting all those cubbies together for you.

    xo Danielle

  19. Oh, I LOVE this! I love all the containers, and the bar for the ribbon. And using the TV cabinet--that is such a cool idea! I still need to do some work in my "studio," but I am already enjoying it. I figured I would see what else I needed as I found out what I used the most, if that makes sense.

  20. i organized my pantry today...but not NEARLY as fun as YOUR project! :)

  21. I wish I had been as organized as you when I was into crafting several years ago! Love how your ribbons are stored. Have fun scrapbooking!

  22. Organizing always lifts my spirits. Just looking at your post made me smile and smile. This is just so fabulous! I love it! Your husband is such a good sport, much like mine. He deserves a special thank you meal.

  23. I'm all about organization... Love it!

  24. I'm all about organization... Love it!

  25. What a great project. It turned out fantastic and I love that your hubby "demanded" that picture of his hard work at making your project dream come true. By the way your house is awesome. I've got a fairly good sized craft room and it's so un-organized, maybe you could come stay for a week and whip it into shape for me!

  26. Great idea! I think most everyone has an old TV cabinet hanging out somewhere. I've been thinking about what to do with the one (two) in my garage. Can't wait to see what else you've done. Hugs!

  27. Well, you just knocked my socks right off...blasted them off actually! Excellent job and wonderful idea. Our TV stand is solid cherry and took 3 men to bring into the house. Not so easy to move around the house but you bet your bippy that when we move, I'm keeping my cherry tv stand!!!


  28. I love those shelves that slide in and out for paper! I'm going to have to check into that. I'm forever "filing" paper...which is ok, but this looks amazing. LOVE what you did! And way to go with the "diy" and re-purposing a piece of furniture!

  29. That is just so clever. I'm going to remember this when I'm at thrift stores.

  30. Awww... how sweet of your husband :) You are so organized, Debbie, and I love how it's tucked away, but also very convenient.

    Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration - I love having you link up. Thinking of you! Hugs!