Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Wonderful Pictures

I would like to share two wonderful pictures that were somehow overlooked on previous posts. Each has it's own separate story, time and place. Each picture at the time it was taken, brought me extreme joy with the thought of sharing them here. It's raining today and although I am not bored I have been inspired by so many blogs that I have visited and read throughout the day.

This picture was taken on March 18th
during our visit to Cape May.
A beautiful fish in the koi pond at Congress Hall.
What I love most about this picture is the reflection the tree casts on the water.
I do, of course, love the "pop"of orange!!!

This picture was taken on March 17th
on the beach at Spring Lake.
It's a Skate Egg Case
Also called Mermaid's Purse or Devil's Purse
It was moving so I did not pick it up,
but it fascinated me, so I took a glad I did!!!!
I was able to identify it with the Shell Guide I purchased!!!!


  1. Oops. My first comment disappeared.

    I LOVE that koi with tree ripples. GORGEOUS!!! Would look LOVELY enlarged, framed and up on a wall. Seriously!

  2. That 2st photo is absolutely lovely!
    And the 2nd...I'm scared and I wasn't even there;)
    But glad you caught it on "camera" so we could share the experience without having to walk by;)))

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Keep up the great work with photos. I, too, have an unhealthy obsession with my camera. lol

  4. Great captures! I LOVE the reflection shot with the fish!!

  5. Oh my, but these are special. I adore that first one - please tell me you printed and framed it.

    That thing on the beach looks like something from a science fiction movie. But moving or not, I'd have had to touch it. (I may be too curious for my own good. )