Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nature's Bounty!!!

Today, we played out in nature...rather then doing yard work, it was a very good decision. This area of New Jersey offers so many great places to hike and enjoy the outdoors!! Full sun, blue skies and temperatures right around 65 degrees, we started out at.......

The Manasquan Reservoir
one of the many nature areas we love to visit......

first we shared a fabulous picnic lunch........

with this view.......

Chuck spotted this cute little turtle outside the
Environmental Center

there were lot's of these.......

and these, by the way, what is this???? Woodchucks, also know as groundhogs!!!! 
A big thank you to my bestest follower, tex for identifying this guy!!!! 

We took a short walk on a cute little nature trail and then headed to Allaire State Park to ride the bikes.

On the way to Allaire, we spotted these gorgeous horses.
Chuck once again spun the car around so I could get a closer look.....

this guy was quite friendly, I think he was hoping I had a carrot....
sorry pal, I was totally unprepared!!!!!

and this beauty....also quite friendly and clearly looking for grub!!!!

Allaire was awesome, we rode the bikes.....

and snapped this great shot at one of our favorite spots!!!!
This tree screams "take your picture here"!!!!!
So of course, we did!!!!


  1. Looks like wonderful memories were being made.Cherish each moment you can spend together.

  2. Sounds like you guys know how to live life! Fun times!

  3. do you guys ask other folks to snap your photos or do you set up the timer? :)

    is that a woodchuck?