Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tiger Lilies

I bought these Tiger Lilies 7 days ago at Stop N Shop, best 3 bucks I ever spent. They are still gorgeous!!!

I should probably add how I got hooked on these babies. Last year during a stay at The Hotel Hershey we were leaving our room and walked straight into a room service cart parked out in the hallway. These exact flowers, in the vase pictured were sitting right on that cart. The food was gone but the flowers caught my eye...I thought, I just must have those. Much to Chucks' disapproval, I picked them up, vase and all and marched them right back to my room. I cannot describe the joy in words. As we left later that day, I carefully packed and secured them in the car and much to my surprise, they looked perfect when we arrived home!!!! I will also add that they lasted at least 5 days once we got home....sweet!! So that's how I got hooked on pink and white tiger lilies, every time I look at these I remember that amazing trip, 4th of July 2010!!!

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