Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Peeps

Valentine's peep's.....I could not resist....

I had my nails done today.....they were super long and really needed to be done. Saturday I went to Motophoto to print pictures, 785 pictures to be exact, I picked them up today. Organizing those babies is going to be a big project, I am going to do that tomorrow.  We had "linner" (lunch/dinner) at Longhorns and then took our monthly jaunt thru Costco. Chuck "ate" his way through along with half of Brick Town. Seriously, we could have skipped lunch and just filled up on the smorgasbord they were offering up!!!

We made a quick stop at Christmas Tree Shop. I never "need" anything I buy there but I just love to go and pick up all the cute, completely unnecessary items I come home with!!!! I will mention that I am absolutely certain I have enough cupcake wrappers/papers to last a lifetime!!!!! It's almost embarrassing!!

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