Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Coal House & A Car Show!!!!

Tonight we had pizza here, The Coal House. You guys must be getting sick of hearing how awesome it is there, but it really is just so awesome, we go about once per week. It's in the middle of Point Pleasant, a cute little shore town. After we ate, we decided to take a short walk. We were surprised to see all the streets closed....the town was having a car show. Awesome!! Would you like to see some of the muscle cars or the duwop cars?? Ohhhh that's great, I have both...........

This car was my favorite........

A friend from High School drove a green mustang, similar to this!!!!

See the license plate.......Again 21

Super blast from the past!!!!

Chuck had a Chevelle in High School

See the food tray on the window?? Another blast from the past!!!!

Reminds me of cops and robbers!!!!!

I love Chuck's bag in this one!!!!!

Lot's of hot rods and old timers.........

Great shade of orange......

This was a favorite also, a pretty shade of blue........

Cruella car........

Gangster Cars!!!!!!

1933 Ford Phanton


  1. the chevelle! the chevelle!!! my all-time dream car!!!!

  2. Lovin' that blue Chevy ... my parents had one!

  3. Oh, these are great. I was trying to pick my favourite - I think it is the red one 7 pictures down.

  4. So cool ~ I've never seen anything like this ... all these great cars parked down town! So much variety in style and color! Loved the pretty blue ones!

  5. Oh these are fabulous. A great selection of photos too!
    We go to the annual hot rod show over here too, and enjoy every bit of it.

  6. I, too, loved those Chevelles. Even looked into buying one, before I had kids. Great shots of some really awesome vehicles. :)

  7. Wow, I would love to have seen all of these...I bet it was fun to be there in person.

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  9. I think I would’ve to agree that it’s awesome there! You know this experience of yours is making me more excited about the car show I’ll be participating in next month. :D Anyway, I like your favorite car. You can hardly see one these days. And my entry car is like that Cruella car. Those stuffed dogs on top of it actually gave me an idea for some gimmick. ;D Leisa Dreps