Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is Anyone Wondering About Iris?!?!

Tuesday, we went back to visit our Alpaca friends at the Edel haus farm. You can read all about our prior visits, here and here!! I have thought so much about Iris and if she was "with child"!!!

Meet Iris........
she is not pregnant but she was cuter.....

and friendlier then ever!!!!

Iris and company.........

Snow White!!!!!!

Them there are kissin' lips....
I could have stayed all day, they are just soooooo cute!!!!!


  1. What a shame she isn't pregnant, that would have been lovely for future blogs. She is kind of cute though.

  2. They are adorable. Love the pink inside their ears! :)

  3. Oh boy :)
    Just love that last one. They sure are cute.

  4. poor girl. that just means they'll try again, i suppose...

  5. Oh, how lovely to see Iris again Debbie. Will never tire of looking at photos of her and her friends. Beaut to have an update on her as well.

    Thanks for a great 'first thing in the morning smile'.

    Ha ha, just adore that last photo!!

  6. I've lost another piece of my heart!

  7. Oh my goodness Debbie!!
    Is this a face or what??
    That last shot is absolutely amazing.

  8. I love that last shot! Such cuties!

  9. Alpacas are so cute: they remind me of big stuffed animals.
    Last summer, while my niece and her son were visiting, we happened upon an alpaca farm. A baby had just been born; we were so excited! Too cute for words.

  10. Just too cute! They just look so fluffy & cuddlie :)Such expressions!

  11. Holy cow! Are they as sweet as they look? I love their leg warmers!

  12. They are cute they look like an over grown Smuckers my dog... :)

  13. I would have wanted to spend all day, too...I bet they are fun to watch.

    We just got home from seeing our granddaughter...she was fun to see, too. She wears me out in just a couple days, though...just so busy.

  14. Oh, I love them with all my heart! I want one. No. Two. One of each color! Look at those hair-do's... oh, mamma mia, they are adorable!

    No, I did not like that one post about the "rape" of the little Iris. What's wrong with these people? Let them do it the good way, don't you think?

  15. i agree miriam, it made us feel so uneasy. it's all about color, think different colors are worth more money. the circle of life does just fine without our help!!!