Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures at Pier Village

Pier Village is a wonderful little seaside community in Long Branch, New Jersey. Just 30 minutes from home, it is the perfect day trip for biking, dinning, shopping and an evening stroll by the ocean!!!! 

You may recognize Chuck and I.........

This is Pier Village!!!!
Shops and restaurants downstairs, apartments upstairs!!!!

The view from the beach........

Town Center........

We brought the bikes, they have dedicated bike paths with a view of the ocean.

You can see the ocean in the background!!

During the summer months, they always have live music.........

The hubs getting his dance moves on.....
his timing was perfect!!!!

We had a fabulous diner at Sirena Ristorante, I forgot to take pictures of the pasta dishes we had.
I did however get pictures of the best part, desert!!!!

This was mine, flowerless chocolate cake......yummo!!!!!

Chuck's warm banana bread pudding!!!!

This cool car kinda made me feel like I might want to "take it for a spin"!!!!

This is new......
A tribute to Bruce Springsteen.....
Bruce grew up in this area, I think this is wonderful but I see little resemblance.

The seagulls were gorgeous........

Pier Village, Long Branch........July 17, 2011
I am almost ready to go again!!!!


  1. you look so tan, girly girl! and yeah, i don't see any 'boss' in that head...

  2. A great spot! Nice that it's not too far from home as well.
    Oh those desserts - yummo.

    I've just been looking through your Love to Bake, The Tree, Projects, Crafts and The Nest pages - you're a very talented lady Debbie. I love the idea of The Tree. You have a beautiful, beautiful home. I can just imagine you in that wonderful kitchen, baking up a storm :D)

  3. Looks like you two are having great fun! Good for you! Pier Village looks like a wonderful place to visit. Love your photos. And the yummy looking desserts are making me hungry! I better go hunt up some breakfast. Have a good day!

  4. What a wonderful and relaxing place to visit - of course I love the beach (any beach!) the best!

    I too don't see "The Boss" in the sculpture ... and when I saw the car with it's wings up, I thought "that thing's not going for a spin, it's going to full-on FLIGHT!" :=}

  5. You live close by to so many neat places, Debbie.

    I thought that was a bust of either Jim Thorpe or Tonto... but I guess art is meant to be interpretive. :)

  6. Great pictures of you and Chuck. Lol at his dance moves - that man's got rhythm. Looks like a lovely place and those desserts. Mmmmm. Great post.

  7. Your fine series takes us views right along on your interesting visit to this fabulous place. It offers so much and those desserts look so yummy! Very nice post.

  8. I never would have guessed that was the 'boss'!

    You look so good and what a wonderful place to visit! Sure wish I had a place like that so close to home. :)

  9. Lovely photos Debbie, I especially enjoyed the ones of you and your husband. Always nice to see a face behind the blog :) This looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for the tour.

  10. I must say I would never have recognized Bruce...and I want some of your looks yummy!

  11. Wow what a tan! The desserts look yummy...they both have ice cream, my favorite.

  12. These photographs are wonderful Debbie, especially the ones of you and Chuck. You make a beautiful couple!

    You DID save a piece of that cake for me right?? Though so!!

  13. Thanks for taking us alng to a fun spot. Hubs is too cute :)

  14. Love it! Especially the dance moves!