Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful BellaLuna...

I received the following email today from my friend John at
Edel haus farm, where my Alpaca friends live.

Debbie -
Hello this is John Edelhauser from the Alpaca farm in Wall.
I am asking for your permission to use a photo or two of yours on my new web site.
I am happy to reference and attribute the artist which is you in this case.
I have had some great feedback from those who really enjoy visiting your photos and dialog on the blog.
Hope to hear back from you.....

Best Regards

Excitement overload!! Are you kidding me??
You can have copies of every single picture I have ever taken.
What an honor, I am not sure I have ever been so happy!!

Of course you know, I have already emailed John at least 20 pictures,
and links to all my Alpaca blog entry's!!
I am not sure he understands the level of my excitement!!  

On October 25th for my Barn Charm entry,
I posted a picture of the newest Alpaca baby,
BellaLuna and mom MoonAngel.

I have a few more pictures I would like to share!! 

This is baby BellaLuna and mom MoonAngel.
When I called her name she looked right over at me.

It looked to me as though she were smiling here.

The other Alpaca nudged Bella and she stood up.

The most loving glance between mom and baby!!

MoonAngel, showing a little dental!!

Baby Bella was getting tired, from all that posing...
so I turned to the other Alpaca, who were more then happy to receive my attention.

Too many pictures??

Don't answer that, I already know. I just can't help myself!!

I'm thinking now that I have made this super connection with John,
I may be able to get behind the fence with my camera. Fingers crossed!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS my friend! I told you that you took awesome photographs!

    I could look at these faces all day everyday. Never too many for me!

  2. Hi Debbie! Tks for stopping by; and wow yes we share a love of these wonderful creatures (amongst all others we love too). Nature's bounty is such a wonderful prize for us to share. It must be so much fun visiting with your friends; beautiful photos.

  3. Wow Debbie, that is soooo cool. Congratulations, you do take great pictures.
    Aren't they the cutest wee things? I love every one of your pictures. :)

  4. Yay Debbie!
    It's no wonder anyone would want to use them...they are awesome photos, girl!

  5. Alpacas have such sweet faces. They seem to be much more friendly than llamas. Items made from their wool are super-super soft. Love your photos!

  6. Oh my goodness! WHat a head of hair:))
    These are great Debbie:D

  7. How exciting! Congratulations.
    And, just for the record, there is no such thing as too many pictures :)

  8. How exciting and congratulations Debbie, and what delightful photos of sweet little BellaLuna, her mommy and friends. Alpaca's are adorable animals. Your photos show that beautifully.

  9. Well I might go a bit crazy too. Those are the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. My DIL would go crazy.
    I would want to go back again and again, and there is no way you could ever show too many pictures of these lovely animals. I am so glad he wrote to ask for your pictures. That is so nice.

  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!! What an honor. You really do take great shots though, I can never tell them apart from a professional photographer (although I guess you're kinda turning into one huh?). So now you've had 2 people commission your work...cause I still want ya to take some water pics I can blow up and put on my lonely walls here! :) Had a couple more ideas about that btw. Very cool though...congrats again, you're very talented.

  11. Very exciting, Debbie!Congrats! Your photos of the adorable alpacas are beautiful. I really enjoy them so keep them coming. I love them.

  12. oooohhhhh thank you scott, you are the best, best, best!!

    for those who don't know, scott is my son and i did not pay him to write this....but i would have, if i had thought of it ;)

  13. Congratulations! very exciting, and not to many I love looking at them.

  14. Ha! that is sooo great!!!!
    and oh i can never get enough from those alpaca pictures of yours! hehe

    Big hugs from Indiana

  15. Oh Debbie, I'm SO EXCITED for you - but NOT surprised. Your photos have an amazing quality that captures the heart and soul of your subjects. Like these alpaca pictures. They show so many different aspects of these beautiful creatures - from CUTENESS overload to serene attentiveness. And never ever ever TOO MANY pictures!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

    And look ... that dear fellow 2nd from the bottom with the grass in his mouth ... he has a heart shaped NOSE!!! No kidding!!!

    This is so truly well-deserved!!

  17. Congratulations, Debbie! That is an honor! Now you know what we know...that you are a fantastic photographer. Love these photos, the alpacas have the cutest faces. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  18. Congratulations!
    Your photos of the alpacas are so beautiful, love them!

  19. This is wonderful, Debbie. Your first step in becoming a professional livestock photographer! :)

  20. Congratulations, Debbie! How very exciting. Your photos of sweet Baby Bella and the other wooly alpacas are superb! I can see why your photography work is in demand. Fantastic!

  21. Great pictures Debbie! I have some great shots of Bella too! I just haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet. Between working full time and my boys I am dragging my feet. You will have a great time this weekend if you go to the show!!!!! Bring an extra memory card.

  22. You know it's a REALLY good day when you get a business request for your photos and major props from your son all at once! May the encouragement never stop flowing your way, cause you are such an amazing encouragement to so many!!

  23. Oh you so deserve it. Congratulations!!!!