Friday, November 4, 2011

A Safe Haven!!

I seem to get a lot of injured birds here. It's always sad at first but I try to feel happy that they have found me. My feeding area is safe and secluded. I offer lot's of different seed, food, nuts and water. It's a safe haven of sorts, where they can eat and rest, out of harms way!!

This house finch has been coming for a long time...
he is tiny and rarely opens his eyes.

This male goldfinch started coming this summer,
he would stay for hours.
He was not able to use his right leg!!

and his left eye is always closed!!

Another house finch, both eyes are injured,
they have looked this way for as long as he's been coming!!
He is able to fly. When he comes to visit,
he usually sits right in the feeders and the other birds never chase him.

I see this Blue Jay every day, his right leg is injured!!

This little guy came yesterday.
He sat in this feeder all day, when he tried to fly off, he couldn't.
I went outside and put some seed on the deck and a small dish filled with water.
He enjoyed it after I went in and then...

I saw him in the hydrangea bush under the office window,
he seemed better.

Good thing the hubs is my "boss", I'm not getting squat done,
and I don't think he cares!!


  1. Oh the poor wee things. They must trust you to keep coming back to you. I think I'll have to call the bird whisperer or something like that lol.

  2. That they trust you says so much.

    They recognize a kindred spirit, I think, and they know they are safe.

    I know these little creatures are whispering your name to a higher power, and His blessings will find their way back to you.

  3. you have your own sanctum for them there. i'm glad they've found you.

  4. It is truly amazing to me that these little "less than perfect" creatures knew where to go to be loved by someone very special.

  5. I love birds and I'm glad you are providing a safe haven for them! You have an important job, Debbie! They feel safe there and are well fed. No wonder they soon feel better! I hope the little ones eyes heal up.
    Have a marvelous weekend!

  6. How sweet that they do have a safe haven. I have to many cats I think.

  7. Awwww, so sad about these poor birds. So glad they found a place to be safe and cared for. xoxo

  8. Love the pink one...they are all so cute.

  9. Aww! Heartbreaking to see them sick or injured. I'm so glad they found you!

  10. Oh, the poor little darlings :(

    They are lucky to have found you. You remind me of my Mom. (not that you are old enough to are only 4 years older than me). But, my Mom is always taking care of injured birds too. She lives in Oklahoma and it was so hot this summer that the hummingbirds were dropping dead on her window sill. She bought a special safety fan and kept it running on her patio. She even rigged a mister for them, and refridgerated their food to help them cool more died :)

  11. Poor little birdies! Wonderful that you give them someplace safe to feed.

  12. Bless their little hearts. How wonderful they have a safe place with you. Bless you! Bonnie