Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bye, Bye My Beautiful Trees...

you will be missed!!

These two huge trees, the cedar tree closest to the street
and the locust tree just 10 feet behind it, were gone in just 2 hours.

Both trees had suffered major damage from our recent storms,
primarily from Irene.
The hubs said it was only a matter of time before they would be gone,
on there own.

This was the scene when the Arbor Tree Experts arrived,
I can't help but wonder what they were thinking when they looked up...
perhaps "what have we gotten ourselves in to"!!

They came on the day they said they would.
They arrived on time and did an excellent job!!

If I worked for them...this is what I would want to do!!

Mid-way, action you see the big branch falling on the right??

This was the scene, when they were almost done!!
Sad to see them gone...

This is how it looks now, they did an amazing job.

In the Spring we will plant a tree or two.
Something pretty, that flowers...any suggestions??


  1. awww. hate to see them go. but better to be taken down before they cause damage...

  2. It's such a shame when big trees need to come down but like T says better before they cause some damage.
    Looks like they did a great job and no mess at the end. That's what we like :)))

  3. Aww...I cry when trees are cut down. We lost a lot of trees in our neighbourhood this summer, due to the Emerald Ash Borer. The city came and cut down about 40 mature trees. I'd plant a Stellar Pink Dogwood (google it) it's gorgeous!

  4. Ah, sorry about your trees. I don't have any tree suggestions. At least you have all winter to imagine what tree to grow.

  5. So sad that you had to have them removed. Do something that has color like a Sugar Maple or something like that. I also like Silver Maples and I do like Cedars.
    There are so many pretty trees.
    I also have redwoods growing in my front yard but I don't know how well they would do where you live.

  6. I'd plant a red bud. They are gorgeous and they grow fast! :)

  7. I hate to see trees taken down, but like someone else said better professionally taken down than falling on a car or home. How do tulip magnolias do in New Jersey? Hugs! Bonnie

  8. After Irene, we lost a couple also.
    It is amazing how quickly they can take these down.
    Sending you wishes for a great start to your week!

  9. Oh that is sad! I don't know about what grows in your neck of the woods but a couple of favs here are sugar maples and crab apple trees.

    I know whatever you plant, it will be lovely.

  10. They did do an excellent job cleaning up!

  11. It's tough parting with mature trees, but now you get to go shopping....Birch, Magnolia, Cherry, Dogwood....Hmmmm....tough decision.

    In answer to your question...We were standing at a scenic overlook along the road that runs through the park. Completely easy access :)

  12. That's too bad. We had to take down our walnut tree. We had trimmed it up because it was hanging over the roof. Little did we know you're not suppose to trim them it kills them. I really don't understand that. It was a sad day when my hubby and son cut it down also very scary. thank goodness it didn't fall on our house or them.

  13. Deb -- yes, red buds do have purple blooms! Haha! :)

  14. Sorry to hear about the trees. I am sure you will be able to plant another one or two in no time.
    Have fun now shopping for the new ones.

  15. So sad to lose a tree. There are so many down around here these days that it is just heartbreaking. But a planting a new tree is something to look forward to.

  16. Wow - My dad has lost some big old trees from my childhood yard over the years, and it's tough to see them go. If I could plant a tree, I'd plant a white dog wood. Just love them!