Friday, November 11, 2011

Cake Bake & Roll

Pier Village
Long Branch, New Jersey 
We stopped here at Cake Bake & Roll on Wednesday,
after our walk on the beach. 

This is one cute bakery...
and that chandelier is from Primo Glass, a store in Pier Village,
it's stunning!!

Specializing in baked treats,

they also serve sandwiches, ice cream,

extra large cookies and home baked breads.

The decor is to die for...

I think these tables and chairs were my favorite,

along with the art on the walls,

which was pretty amazing also!!

Cake Bake & Roll, a delightful bakery!!


mine...they were heavenly!!


  1. I want one of those huge forks and spoons! Love your cupcake choice. It looks like chocolate mint - YUM! Have a great day Debbie!


  2. i do like the decor. clean but arty.

  3. Oh what a great bakery! I always wanted to own one, this would be it! Love everything about it...and those cupcakes look divine.

  4. What a darling place! The cupcakes look so yummy!

  5. I think I would find it very hard to chose what I'd like to sample first. :)

  6. That looks like a special little place, and those cupcakes look yummy!

  7. Oh it's lovely and shiny. Did you see the size of those cookies wow!!!
    Your cupcakes look lovely. You go to the nicest places :))

  8. You have succeeded in making me hungry,hungry for sweets that is.

  9. What a fresh, fun place to visit! These photographs depict the character of this bakery in such a wonderful way. You could take images for their brochure. My mouth is watering ...

  10. mmmm, I can smell the sweetness of this place.

  11. Oh, I could spend lots of time here!!
    I'll take yours, thank you very much!! :-))
    Have a great weekend Debbie!

  12. I noticed your blog name on someone's sidebar and had to come visit
    Purple is my favorite color

    we're fellow NJers :)
    I live up the Parkway at exit 117

    I was just talking about checking out Pier Village and now I really want to

    your photos are wonderful

  13. It's too early for breakfast this morning, and when I opened your post ... well let's just say my stomach started telling me all about it!!!

    I immediately focused in on that beautiful chandelier, and those AWESOME chairs!!! And, of course, the goodies!

    I was watching the Early Show this morning and they had a segment on best inventions this year. I was SO disappointed that "Scratch-N-Sniff" computers haven't been invented yet!!! LOL!

  14. Oh my gosh, that looks like a great place to go. I love the decor!!!
    Those cupcakes, hmmmm, wish I could have one!!! How fun!

  15. Yum. Yum. Really like the look of the place and the art on the wall!!