Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peddlers Village...

a cute little shopping village near New Hope in Pennsylvania.
We visited a few weeks ago and I never got around to sharing the pictures!!
It's not too late to share Halloweeney pictures, is it??
I didn't think so...

When we arrived, we took pictures nonstop. 

Then we ate at The Cock & Bull,

and our bellies got full and we were so tired.
I had pot roast, comfort food at it's best. It was yummy.
Chuck had Chicken Marsala and it was seriously delicious!!
I did forget to take pictures of the beautiful plates, sorry!!

The Mole Hole
Seriously...that's the name of this store.
Each store had it's own Halloween decor at the entrance.

Kettle Korn Krunch
Perhaps an idea for Amy's Halloween costume for next year!!

The streets...

The signs...

All the stores had the cutest names, like it was a "requirement"!!

We always stop at this spot on the way home, for a picture.
Today we stopped on our way in,
knowing it would be too dark on the way home!!

This week the theme was Halloween, we don't usually have a theme.
This was all I had left but I think it rocks!!!!


  1. My vote is that it's never too late for halloween pics! Looks like fun times:-)

  2. Looks like a fun place to go shopping. Great pictures.

  3. What a wonderful place! My favorite (from the pics!) has got to be the Mole Hole!!! I LOVE this post!

  4. It certainly does rock! What a fun place to shop. Love it.

    Also noticed your lovely purple bag. Gorgeous!

  5. Oh what fun! What do they sell at the Mole Hole, I gotta know! Love your PURPLE handbag!

  6. We had a cute shop in Nashville called "The Mole Hole". My daughter had the voice of the mole down. I haven't thought about it for years. Thanks for renewing a memory. I hope all is going well. Bonnie

  7. You have so many grand adventures together :)

    Gary and I like to order 2 different things, then share so we get to taste both...sounds like you might do the same.

    To answer your question about the leaves...that was the way nature placed them. I rearranged them later and piled more on, but ended up liking nature's design best. Hugs

  8. Does Chuck have a pair of winter shorts? Haha!

    Cute shots of the scarecrows. What a fun place that must be.

  9. You two are just too adorable!
    What great photographs these are Debbie.
    P.S. Sooooo lovin' that purple bag!
    Happy weekend my friend.

  10. You 2 are so super Sweet!!!!
    That place looks adorable and the food sounds delicious. I like cute names for stores!

  11. I think Chuck is like my hubby. Loves his shorts Garry would wear them all year if he could. Great pics

  12. Debbie it totally rocks! I lOve little towns and shops!!! I'm gonna wheeze what I can out of Halloween before I'm bombarded with x-mas!! That costume idea is cute.... Although I may have to sexify it a bit. Hahaha. Thanks for linking up today!!

  13. Squeeze. I meant squeeze not wheeze!! Hahahaha!

  14. What a quaint place!! Love hearing of the places you go!!

  15. Looks like a fun day - love that last pic of you two. We also have a gift shop not far from us called The Mole Hole!

  16. There's that tunic I love so much! AND I grew up going to Peddler's Village. My uncle had a shop in New Hope and we used to make a day of it - visiting him and always stopping at Peddler's Village. I'm predicting another day trip next time I'm in the poor dad's not gonna know what to do with me. First Longwood, now this!

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  18. Looks like a great trip & I just love that old mill, the wheel & all that stonework is so beautiful! =)

  19. It looks like so much fun. IT always looks like you have such a good time. I think it looks beautiful.