Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guess Who's Expecting...

no not me you silly people,
it's Iris!!
If you follow my blog you know the story,
if not, click here to read all the dirty details!! 

Females can usually start to bred when they are fourteen months of age.
Males usually begin breeding when they are two years old.

Pregnancy usually lasts 11 to 12 months.
Alpacas produce one cria per year, very rarely twins.
Newborn Alpaca babies "Cria" weigh 9 - 23 pounds.
Crias usually stand within one hour and nurse within four hours.
Babies are weaned at six months.

John and Audrey said she will probably not look pregnant,
right up until the day she gives birth!!


  1. God bless her! i hope for her sake, her cria is closer to 9 lbs. than 23!

  2. 11 to 12 months?! Yikes! She looks pretty content though. Congrats to Iris!

  3. Oh, I hope the baby looks just like mom.

  4. I totally agree with TexWisGirl. Poor thing having to give birth to a 23 pounder on top of the fact of being pregnant 11 to 12 months.
    TFs. She is gorgeous. Love her fur.

  5. We happened upon an alpaca farm a couple of years ago, and a baby had been born that morning. Absolutely precious! Good luck to Iris!

  6. Wow, how lucky is that hu? Not look preg, until the tippy end. :-))))

    Gentle hugs,
    "Something about an old-fashioned Christmas
    is hard to forget."

    ~~Hugh Downs

  7. Oh a baby alpaca - how lovely. You will be in your element when it arrives.

    What an interesting post - I didn't know a baby alpaca is called a cria.

    23lband 11\12 months pregnancy!!! that would put you off would it not? :0 lol.

  8. Well, Congratulations Iris!!!
    What great shots these are Debbie!

  9. That is one long pregnancy. She is adorable.


  10. how exciting. what happy news. (:

  11. This is so exciting! Your pictures of her are beautiful!

  12. Whooo congrats to Iris! now the waiting begins! I heard that you have to breed her again within two weeks after getting birth??? That is pretty fast!?!

    Big hugs

  13. What a lovely mama she is. I think she looks like a Lucy, though ;)

    That hair-do is so totally Lucy!

  14. Oh I love baby Alpacas. Iris is going to have beautiful babies. B

  15. A cria!

    I learn something every day. :-)


  16. That is so cute..I went back and read her story and hope that all goes well with her...

  17. ....I think you should suggest yourself as the official photographer of the birth! You would get such great photos...and you know they love you over there!