Monday, April 20, 2015

What's Cooking?!

I'm still having fun in the kitchen.
I'll share one tried and true recipe here and one, two new ones.

I found a new Farmers Market in town and boy do I love it.
It's by my niece's house, so when I visit with her,
my "sister in love" takes me on the way home.

 I get this eggplant at the market, breaded and already fried, it is delicious!

 The only secret to making good sauce is this.
I like the whole tomatoes and I just break them up a little with my potato masher.
A sweet onion, some sweet basil and that's really all you need.

 Fresh mozzarella is a must for Eggplant Parmesan

 Homemade sauce...

 layered with everything else,

 and you have this.

All you need with it is a big hunk of Texas Toast.
It could not be simplier.

I did not love the next recipe, it's a new one from Pinterest.
 I'll spare you the blow by blow pictures,
the hubs liked them, so it was not a total fail.

These are Mashed Potato Puffs.
You can view the recipe here.

Mashed potatoes, shredded cheddar, parmesan cheese, 
bacon, scallions and eggs, baked in a muffin tin.
These might make a better breakfast food, as for me, 
they tasted like scrambled eggs, but I do think they look good!!

And one quick p.s....I made this Sunday morning.
TexWisGirl sent me a link to Dicky Birds Nest's Blog
where I found this recipe for Shaker Toast.
TexWisGirl thinks I am a foodie, where in the world did she get that idea?
ooooo, and this was really good.
Butter, syrup and I used white bread,
it's surprisingly wonderful!!

So share with me, what's cooking in your kitchen?


EG CameraGirl said...

The eggplant looks scrumptious to me. Sadly my husband would not agree.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

I thought eggplant parm was gone from my life forever, but had crispy spicy eggplant at chinese place saturday night then had leftovers sunday in italian sausage laden tomato sauce over rice. No garlic, no cheese, but still deee-lish.
xxoo, m & jb
Will email soon. Still not good at large amounts of text. Hence, no blog posts, either. Sigh. Dang head injury. HEY! Maybe you could do a guest post thingie for me?!?!?!? Or not...

TexWisGirl said...

i'd probably pass the eggplant parm, too, but i'd try it first to be sure. ;) i might just have to do that shaker toast thing myself some time i need a sugar rush. :)

eileeninmd said...

Hello Debbie, I love eggplant parm, you have a nice quick recipe here too. I have never seen eggplant already fried though.. My hubby would like the potato puffs.. I have to check out the last recipe for the shaker toast? Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

Karen said...

All three look great, but I think the eggplant parmesan would be out of this world!! thanks for sharing these.

Sally said...

Everything looks really good. I've seen that recipe for the egg muffins also.

In my kitchen right now?

Glazed donuts :)

karen said...

Three wonderful receipts I'll have to try out. I plant eggplants every summer. I peel the eggplant slice them round very thin, then dip in a bowl of egg & milk I use carnation can milk, then in another bowl I dip them in plain flour. Fry both sides till golden brown. Sprinkle with a little sea salt. This is the same way I fry green fried tomatoes. I once had homemade eggplant bread at a cafe it was so good.

Debbie said...

i started planting eggplant last year, in pots and we had a stellar season. i do the same with eggplant but i started baking it at 450 degrees, on a foiled lined, prepared baking sheet and found it came out the same. i read that trick on martha stewart and boy it sure saves a lot of stove top clean-up!!! i love eggplant and will be planting it again this year!!!!!

Debbie said...

hi karen, my reply to you is below!!!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, I'm so hungry now for eggplant, may have to have it tonight! I've not seen it already breaded and fried! That is awesome.

Farm Girl said...

I had to buy a egg plant the other day just so I can have fresh eggplant this year. I was already craving it.
I just love that stuff. Yours always looks wonderful.
I do enjoy looking at the things you make.

Adrienne said...

You and I are pretend foodies. Part time foodies. When we're in the mood foodies!! I made a tried-and-true chili over the weekend...cause it's still a bit chilly up here... Yummy!!

karen said...

Debbie, you are thinking like me frying makes a big mess. I do all my frying out on my screen in porch in electric frying pan or deep fryer. I'll have to try the oven receipt but it gets so hot during the summer months I avoid using the oven. I follow Martha Stewart on instagram.

Muffie said...

I love eggplant parm and I like that you're able to get the pre-packaged ones. I'm not sure I'd like the potato puffs, but the toast looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. (PS. I make huge quantities of homemade sauce in the crockpot, then freeze a lot in jars.)

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE eggplant parmesan, and yours looks so delicious, Debbie!

LeAnn said...

This all looks so yummy! Great pictures, tutorial and recipe link. Hugs for this one; I will try it.

Michelle said...

I am a big fan of Eggplant Parm, but am the only fan in the house. Yours looks good!

Rose said...

Eggplant already breaded is great..................the hard work is already done for you! My ingredients perhaps maybe a tad different but anything breaded is good.

Ratty said...

The eggplant looks excellent. I just bought Texas Toast, now I have to get the rest.

21 Wits said...

My hubby isn't much of an Eggplant fan either, but who says he has to have any! I'm actually going to be using your one pot pasta recipe tonight. ( mostly, I always switch up everything)

Miriam said...

Nothing tonight, hopefully. I went out to lunch with 'the girls' today. Great pictures. When I try to photograph in a series like this I always forget the last ones! Well done.