Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Jersey Festivals

It's summer at the Jersey Shore and that can only mean one thing
Street Fairs, Festivals and Arts and Crafts Shows.

Ocean Grove hosted the first one on May 2nd...

 Most vendors do not allow pictures,
but this nice man did and I purchased a handmade birdhouse here,
one that I did not need...but really wanted.

 There was lot's of festival food that we should not have eaten,
but we did.

 Our first ice cream of the season...

 some great music and a lil' "dancin' in the street"!!

The next Festival was at  
Tuckerton Seaport on May 3rd,

I blogged about that festival here.

On May 29th we went to Riverfest in Red Bank, NJ.

 We decided to go at night so it would be cooler.

 It's held at Marine Park, on the Navesink River
and it was a beautiful night.

This young band was excellent...

this one also...

 but not quite as good as this sausage sandwich.

 Red Bank is a fun historic town,

with lot's of pubs, nightlife and a very cool vibe.

Last stop to date, 

Chester, NJ....June 1, 2015

I love this summertime fun.
How about you guys, do the little towns in your area host
these summer festivals?
Do you enjoy attending them?


  1. Debbie, looks like the Jersey shore is a fun place to be in the summer. The festivals, crafts, music and all the yummy food sounds great to me.. Which birdhouse did you buy? Have a happy Sunday!

  2. You two are always having such fun together! Lots of festivals near me, but sadly I really, really don't like crowds! Delicious looking food!

  3. no festivals for me. i didn't even go into town yesterday for a classic car show they were having in the square. :)

  4. Looks like fun! Fairs and festivals are always such a good time!

  5. How nice and how festive!! You guys always have such fun.

  6. Too much fun! Love the photos, which really capture the festive atmosphere. There are a lot of similar things in our area of Oregon ... Celebrating summer. We used to go to most of them (in our other life) and loved attending.

  7. I don't understand why some get so offended when they have something nice & won't allow a picture like how many would go home & copy. Couple years ago I took a road trip to the mountains went inside a classy furniture store & seen this beautiful large stain glass tiffany style desk lamp, I took a picture of it the owner got sooo upset. I love stain glass lamps & I have a house full of them their so pretty at night in the windows. I also love seeing pretty painted birdhouses in people's yards but that I don't see often. Looks like you ate well & had a fun day at the festival.

    1. I know the reason here as far as craft booths; they don't want us to "copy" theirs. LOL

    2. yes sally, that's correct!!!!!

  8. A great day, Debbie. The important thing is to have fun !!
    Here are fair in May and September, also with music and markets.

  9. You have so many fun places to visit! We have a craft thing every 3rd Saturday, and I know they had a big "to Do" Memorial weekend, but I found out too late. I could almost hear the music though from the park. I'm going to start paying more attention for these days! So glad you both have such fun and that ice cream cone looks awesome! :)


  10. Looks like great fun and fun food! And a beautiful day!

  11. Sounds (and looks) perfectly 'summer'.

  12. I was at the Red Bank Riverfest a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it -- I love Red Bank. I love Ocean Grove, too, it's a unique place with the tents and the Great Auditorium. I've never been to Tuckerton and I hope to go someday.

    Thanks for the great photos!

  13. Oh, what phun. Oh, what calories. nom nom

  14. Fun, fun! Yes, Louisiana is known for its festivals year-round. Any excuse to party! I was looking forward to your couple shot at the end. Why no pose? Still, great set of pics.

  15. Wow - you really do get around! I soooo admire your spunk!! Great job with the night time shots of the town - love the glow of the lights!

  16. These types of festivals are fun to walk through as you get to see a lot of neat stuff. Most of the time I'm just look as they tend to be pretty pricey. Can I just say I want that sausage sandwich!

  17. How fun Debbie! I just love summer and festivals and there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating all of that yummy fest food!

  18. Wow, you two find the neatest places to go to. I loved it all. The Bird houses were adorable and I need one. I have to start looking. I just love following your fun times.
    We do have an area where our son lives. It is Heber City and Midway. They have fun things to do. Swiss days is very popular.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. Oh gosh, I just adore going to these kinds of gatherings! I make as many as possible. Lovely locations, all of your captures are beautiful.

  20. This looks like so much fun. I'm drooling over the sausage sandwich.

  21. The handmade birdhouse looks so nice.
    What a lovely day you have and nice things to eat also :)

  22. I so enjoy going to these festivals, yes the towns around us have many of them throughout the summer and we really enjoy going to them. How neat you found a bird house that needed a place to perch :)