Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Creating Perfume...

I need a new knitting project...
I have not run out of yarn, but I don't have the correct needles
and yarn for the next project I would like to work on.

A Stitch In Time 
is closed today, and that created a very sad situation for me.

I muddled through my sadness and decided to make perfume.
I am still receiving the 
Darby Smart
once per month craft kits, last month was creating perfume.
Not my favorite thing, but to resolve my need to create something,

 I decided to give it a try.

 The ingredient line-up...everything was included.

 I got a manicure today and I wanted to show off my new nails.

There was a lot of mixing and blending,

 it was fun!!

 I decided to paint the bottles with the items left over from the first
Darby Smart Kit they sent me.
You can read all about that project here.

I went with a floral scent and it smells awesome!!

I am really enjoying this subscription so far...
the next kit has arrived and we will be making candles.
Right up my alley!!

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  1. Hello Debbie, you are so creative. Lavender would be a favorite of mine. But, I can not wear perfume because of allergies. I love the cute paintings on the bottles. The candle making sounds like fun. Enjoy your day!

  2. I find myself too busy with weeding, gardening and weed whacking, let alone housework to even have time for creativity such as this. Of course, I suppose if I gave up my three workouts at the gym and Tai Chi, I could squeeze it in. But then again, I can just read your post and smell the aroma!!...:)JP

  3. Your creative heart keeps on moving forward, no matter what!

  4. It must be fun to have these crafts coming each month. Such a great way to try so many different things. Your little bottles look lovely painted and so do your nails!

  5. OMG! i saw your title and laughed. then i saw your manicure show-off and laughed again. i did like your use of the stencils and paint on the bottles. oh, you're such a girlie girl!! :)

  6. What fun!! You get so many cute things from that place. You have learned so many fun things. I hope you get to knit today.

  7. Now Debbie it is a shame we cannot smell your new perfume. I have made candles with the children when they were young so you should enjoy that.

  8. Anymore, I stay clear of perfume -- it makes me sneeze. Yours looks great, and I'm sure you had fun with the project.

  9. You make the most amazing things, Debbie. I always enjoy seeing which
    project you're working on! :)


  10. I am very picky about my perfumes but I bet you created a scent that I would just love & the reason I say this is because you have good taste. I love how you decorated the bottles also love your manicure. Can't wait to see your candle making project.

    1. I don't usually wear perfume, but this came out light and fresh!!

  11. You are having a lot of fun with those kits! A good way to decide on which crafts really speak to you without buying a bunch of supplies you won't use after the first time. Cool idea. I might just investigate that a... As a gift for my daughter who is talented. Not for myself. I'm old enuff to know my limitations ))))

  12. Gosh, I love how you have kits that come. I don't think I have ever thought of making my own perfume; sweet.
    I hope you come up with a great knitting project because I am so impressed with your work.
    By the way, I love your nails.
    Keep on enjoying your moments with crafts; you are good at it.
    Blessings and hugs!

  13. Personally, I like eau de lumberyard, and eau de mow (as in lawn), and eau de line dried laundry.
    ;) m & jb who currently likes eau de toad

  14. How frustrating to be in between knitting projects! I hope you favourite yarn store is open tomorrow!

  15. You are so much fun! I am going back to see the other project now and may look into getting these kits myself!!

  16. I have often thought about trying one of those craft sites that send you a different type of crafting each month and then I ask myself do you really need to start liking another craft. That is so neat and I like how you put your own touch on the bottles to personalize them!

  17. The bottles were beautiful !!

  18. Okay, this is simply the neatest thing to do! I love that you can make your own scent and then you get to decorate the bottle...too much fun, my friend :) Thanks for sharing this with Roses of Inspiration {{smiles}} Hugs!

  19. Such a fun thing - a little adventure each month! Pretty painting on the bottles!