Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Darby Smart, Internet Rehab 2!!

I'm sure you remember my first Darby Smart kit...
the Tea Towels I shared here.
Well, thirty days have passed and kit number two arrived last week.

I had the same perfection hesitation, but it did not last as long,
as this kit had me drooling!!

So here's what you get...
Two completely adorable and quite unnecessary little dishes.
Paint, a paint brush...

 two sheets of stencils ~ one is missing as I had already selected it
and put it on the dish.
You can see that in my first picture.

 You always get a surprise or two in each kit.
In this kit we got these adorable cupcake toppers,
to cut, fold and place on top of a cupcake.
I will use these next year.

They also included a "popbar".
This is "hot chocolate" on a stick, placed in a cup of warm milk,
you instantly have a cup of hot coco!!

I think I get more excited about the surprises,
although each kit is a surprise, as you do not know what you are getting.

Once the stencils are in place, you just paint on top,
being careful to stay within the cutout.
I wanted to use the grape stencil so I purchased two shades of purple paint,
that were not provided in the kit.

 I mixed the green and yellow for the leaves,
and the two shades of purple for the grapes.

And since I love purple, I used it for the flowers as well.
I am very happy with the way they both turned out.

So you may be wondering if I am happy with this subscription.
Yes, I am super stoked and will definitely be 
renewing my 3 month subscription!!

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Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose
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  1. WOW you are so talented and creative. These are really lovely. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  2. You did a very beautiful job on both dishes! I can see your style shining through in the artwork!

  3. I love your kits too. I love your bowls. What fun that you are learning new things. I like all of your freebies too.
    I think it is just fun.

  4. Very Pretty! Good job !!

  5. i like your creations - and your adaptation to purple. :)

  6. How cute are they! I love it!

    And, you have more stencils to work with, right?

    You're so creative, Debbie. I enjoy seeing your crafts.


  7. Beautifully done, Deb!!! I have a ton of stencils packed away -- you've inspired me to find them!

  8. Those look like fun.

    Stenciling is the only way I could make something look decent - my drawing skills leave a lot to be desired.

  9. Once again - so pretty! And so YOU!!

  10. Beautifully done. I really like these kits, they look like so much fun..

  11. Hey there creative lady! I love your dishes! I cannot draw....seriously! My drawings are very, very, very sad and pathetic, but stenciling is something I could....at least I think I could :) I love this idea!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creativity with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  12. This is so nice 3 surprises in 1 box. The creativity can be endless with stencils. I've even seen people place a stencil on a plain cake & dress it up with powdered sugar or edible painted flowers. You took 2 plain plates & made them pop, so pretty. I bet you painted the date underneath them plates.

    1. My initials and the date. I will be giving these to my neices as gifts, I always try to personalize anything I make'!

  13. I think this is just so cool! It's always a surprise too right? You never know until you open each box what you'll get. Wonderful!

  14. These turned out so well! Love your color choices!

  15. Oh, these kits look like so much fun!! The dishes came out great!!