Monday, March 30, 2015

The Scone Shop!!

On Friday, while my sister was visiting, we had a very special lunch at
right here in my own home town of Brick.
To say this place is amazing, is a huge understatement...
the decor, the food, the atmosphere are all divine!!
The scones are unique and absolutely delicious. 
Everything inside is lovely, 
perfectly decorated right down to the family photo's on the walls 
and the handpicked china and tea pot sets. 
The staff is friendly, attentive and very knowledgeable about the menu. 
Serving both breakfast and lunch,
all the food is freshly prepared and just so delicious. 
But if you think this place is all about the scones, you are dead wrong.

First let's start with the decor...


 The truth is, the only food picture I took was of the
spinach artichoke dip appetizer.

I was so hungry and excited when the food came, 
I forgot to take a picture.
My mom and I had chicken salad on a croissant,
my sister had a turkey sandwich with fresh mozzarella
and roasted red pepper, everything comes with a nice side salad.
I wanted to order the "high tea" tower but it was Friday,
they were serving the tower completely meatless,
and that wasn't going to work for us.

Me, my sister Kathy and my Mom

We shared a scone, I brought a S'mores Bread home for the hubs
and we left with very happy bellies. 

Good thing for stretchy pants!!


  1. Good Morning, Debbie. what a cute place! I love all the decorations...The breads and your dip all look yummy. Looks like a great place for lunch.. Have a happy Monday!

  2. mmmmm...more shots of the bakery, please ;O)

  3. Oh my this is my kind of place, and it serves yummy delicious everything!

  4. Lovely place and delicious looking food. The first picture of the scones...where they're drizzled in chocolate...I'll take one of those please!!!

  5. like having 'tea' in someone's fine dining room. :) i'm not into scones but they surely offer enough to interest me. :)

  6. What a darling place that is!! I'd go just for the beauty of the place, but it sounds as if the food is good too! Lovely photo of the three of you.

  7. what a lovely place. The decor must make you so relaxed and yet excited to be there. And, the food... oh my. Wish this place was closer to me.

  8. Wow, this looks more like an inviting home than a business! I love the decor and the hardwood floors. And the plate in the second to last picture, with the purple flowers--gorgeous!

  9. What a lovely place. I think it would be so nice to go there and eat. So inviting. So nice that you had time with your Mom and your sister.

  10. Awesome! Such a beautiful place to spend time with your mom and sis. :)


  11. Such a delightfully, charming, classy, elegant, place. Love those family wedding photo frames. Lovely picture of mother & her two daughters together.

    1. Thanks Karen, we had an amazing weekend, we did so many fun things!!

  12. Hi Debbie - and what a fabulous place! The decor is just superb, and aren't you just so glad they invented spandex? I sure am - makes getting into my favorite jeans a whole lot easier. :)

  13. this place is so charming to say the least. I'm repeating myself, you always find the most amazing places to go and everyone so different from the other. Thanks for sharing. I would love this place.

  14. You have some of the coolest places there! Nice shot of you three!

  15. This place is diffidently one I would love to visit. I love the decor and the era. Scones are a favorite of mine. I especially enjoyed the sweet photo of you with your sister and mom. Enjoy every moments with your family. I never had a sister which I always wanted. I did have two awesome brothers.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome place; sending hugs your way.

  16. So nice to see a photo of you with your sister and mom! The decor is beautiful, and the food looks *so* delicious! I love banana are making me hungry, and at this time in the evening, that's not a good thing! Oh well ;) If I need my appetite awakened in the morning I can just come back for another look at this blog post!

  17. That looks like a great place. I've had absolutely delicious scones at The Scone Pony in Spring Lake, but there is no place to sit in the shop to enjoy them. And the tearooms around here are very expensive.

    This place looks great. My husband and I will have to go there!

    Ooh, I just saw that The Scone Shoppe thanked you on their Facebook page! Congratulations! :)

  18. By the look of these super photos, I would love to visit this place. Especially loved the last photo :)

  19. What an amazing place this is. It's so beautiful and everything looks super scrumptious. I'd be gaining another 10 pounds there.

  20. I love places like this! I could just hang out all day if they'd let me. Maybe coffee and a scone in mid morning, sit around and visit until lunch and then order ....... Mmmm, wish I had a place like this near here. (We do in Oregon ... It just might be my first place to go when we visit this summer!)