Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Joy in the Kitchen...

My love for cooking comes and goes,
right now I am in the "I Love To Cook" phase of life.
I liken it to when I had my first apartment and when I was newly married.
It was new, fun and really exciting.
That did not last forever and it really became more of a chore.
I was bored and uninspired.

Then along came Pinterest and once again I am excited and inspired.

Here's a few of my lastest, can't live without, finds.

 One Pot Pasta Dinner
All the ingredients cook together, one pot...

and after 15 minutes, it looks like this.
It's actually a Martha Stewart recipe, that can be found here.
I found it on Pinterest.

 This is Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

the recipe can be found here.
This is not burnt, just super crisp and is so delicious.

 This Chicken Noodle Soup

Made in the crockpot, it is the best I have ever eaten.
The recipe can be found here, I originally found it on Pinterest.

I have been cooking almost every night,
if you want or need to be inspired, join Pinterest,
there are so many great recipes and clever ideas, 
you too will become inspired.

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  1. My love for cooking is a lot like yours. Pinterest has become my new cookbook - so many ideas! These look great! I think I'd like to try that one pot pasta.

  2. My love for cooking is much the same! I saw that pasta recipe on pinterest and wondered how it would turn out.

  3. Hi Debbie, hubby and I takes turns cooking now! All your meals look delicious! I have to try the pasta dish! Thanks for sharing the links!

  4. ooh, everything looks so delicious! That chicken noodle soup looks completely fabulous!

  5. all looks great. i am firmly in the 'uninspired' category of cooks. :)

  6. Thank you so much, I'm thinking your first delicious one pot recipe is my next creation too! The winner, winner chicken dinner looks delish too, I have done that with potatoes in the oven and lots of seasonings, everyone loves it, but I never put chicken on it! Super idea, I have to go back and get these recipes, thank you Debbie.

  7. they all look good to me. I love food adn could eat any of them. Well photographed.

  8. Hi Debbie. I took a screenshot of the chicken noodle soup recipe. Gonna try it sometime! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the idea of the one pot pasta dinner. It sounds very good and super simple for a busy day dinner. Thank you for sharing the recipes. Heather

  10. Well at least you find and cook good food. I pin desserts!!! I have found some lovely things on there and have enjoyed each one. I love all of your recipes. I think that Martha Stewart would be fun and interesting. It looks really yummy.
    I like it when you post pictures of your yummy food.

  11. I get like that. One day I want to, the next not so much. But, I sure did love the way your pictures look. Enough to make a gal want to cook.

  12. Yum, girl! It all looks so good. I'm going with the chicken, and will let you know IF it turns out good. You know, I'm not known for my cooking! :)


  13. Wow, that all looks great! My goodness!

  14. Pinterest is where I believe I found your blog. I have many of your receipts written down, try lots of your dishes very good. The chicken pie was a really good receipt that's when you introduced me to Mrs Dash season I've heard of it but never used it. It really does make food taste better & the aroma from Mrs Dash makes my kitchen smell so good while cooking.

    1. this makes me so happy, i always feel the love!! thanks karen!!!!

  15. You are incredible in the kitchen! My mouth is watering over the one pot pasta dinner - yummy in my tummy! I bet your neighbors always smell delicious food coming from your home.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  16. Your photos make every dish look delicious!

  17. I am in a love it cooking phase too. I cook more in the winter, and less in the summer.

  18. I've been having a good week in the kitchen, too. :) Must be spring?