Sunday, March 22, 2015


In protest of our recent Spring snow storm, 
I am a rebel you know...
yesterday I decided to start my Summer Herb Garden indoors.

We must back up briefly first, to preface this project with a funny story.
I sent the hubs to Costco, for "one" chicken...
(do you already know where we're going with this),

and he came home with this...

 filled with Tiramisu.

That was especially sweet because Tiramisu is my favorite,
but I have learned and accepted the fact that he is unable to leave Costco,
without purchasing a desert that could feed the
entire neighborhood.
* smile *

ok, back to my Herb Garden...

I decided to "up-cycle" the container and use it for my Herb garden.
The hubs drilled 3 holes in the top, I flipped the top,
now the holes are on the bottom so the herbs will have good drainage.
And the original bottom works great in catching
any water that may drain out the bottom!!

 Filled with good topsoil, 

 these seeds were planted, easy peasy.

 I found these garden markers in Target,
don't you just love Target??

You "need" those markers, you might forget...

 When it was all done, it looked a little plain,

so I cut up the seed packets and glued them on the front.
Much better, don't you think??

If Spring ever comes, these will go outside, in pots,
or perhaps stay right in this.

I know I could buy these plants at the Garden Center,
but I love starting with seeds, it's so much more rewarding,
don't you think?

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  1. you have to dress things up. you're so cute. :) and tiramisu! yum!

  2. That is so cute and what a great idea. Such a sweet hubby you have and you are such a talented girl.
    I have to say, I am in rebellion against seeds this year. I have hardened my heart. It will be only seeds in the ground, none of this coddling going on here, not after last year giving up my bathtub and all of that.
    This year, cold, hard, dirt. :) Outside. :)

  3. You may have too much time on your hands. Just saying :)

  4. You crack me up! You also amaze me with the ideas you come up with, true statement. :)

    Okay, I have to admit I've never had tiramisu; don't even know what it is. On to g**gle now. :)


    1. ohhhh do look it up, so yummy!!!!

  5. I like to begin my herb garden indoors, too. Two years ago, I got so many plants from one packet of seeds! I usually start mine in clear plastic cups, but your idea is so much more 'green!' I hope you have a good crop.

  6. Good for you! I rebelled by going to opening day at the local nursery in the snow!!! Your idea of recycling the container for your herb garden is very creative!. Happy gardening!

  7. I think you dressed it up most attractively...I now have to go look up the word tiramisu, because I have never heard of it, and it it's a dessert...well...I think I need to know about it! LOL!~

    1. do that terri, it is very yummy and kinda' coffee tasting!!!

  8. How sweet of him. I can't grow anything lol.

  9. Even dirt you can make look attractive. Another great idea what you can do with them containers. Your hubs has excellent taste as you. Tiramisu is a tasty Italian desert. I also had to goggle it.

    1. thanks karen, i do believe you are a little biased!!!

  10. Love your little herb garden! I hope it warms enough that you can have them outside! I'm with those that didn't know what Tiramisu was! I looked it up and it looks delicious!

  11. Such a clever idea... recycling that box. I can't wait to see your herbs coming up.

  12. of my all time favorites.
    I have lots of seeds started. And lots more to sow directly into the ground. If indeed spring comes.

  13. I bet your herbs will grow wonderfully because they're in a container that contained sweet Tiramisu :) I love your little garden, Debbie. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Oh you are so creative!!!! This would make a great project for my class. We usually use egg cartons or paper cups. I need to get started....after spring break. Have a wonderful week. Hugs!

  15. What a fun project! It is that time of year when seeds are planted and gardeners need to be patient. I love the markers.

  16. It's a double win, win! From delish to creation, and I have the perfect windowsill for this too! I best get over to Costco! Hehehe!

  17. Obviously, he knew you needed that container for your herbs! It worked out well, the labels are perfect!

  18. Nice idea, and looks great! Sounds like you have a winner: a husband who doesn't leave the store without getting a dessert!

  19. What a wonderful start on your spring planting! Had to laugh over the family-sized tiramasu! :-) He was being very thoughtful. And you got a great "planter" out of the deal. :-)

  20. Great idea Debbie and it looks nice too!

  21. So glad you shared this wonderful idea with Roses of Inspiration, dear Debbie!