Monday, June 22, 2015

Cape May!!

Wednesday of this past week we had a little bit of a cool down
in our might remember.
So to honor that, the hubs and I decided it was time for a road trip,
spur of the moment, last minute, those are the best,
and Cape May, NJ was to be the destination!!

It was a gorgeous day and we sure did have a lot of fun.

 We arrived around lunch time, and started the day with high tea!!
Scones, tea breads with clotted cream,
a selection of tea sandwiches and dessert.
We ate outside in the garden,
lunch was so special and so very yummy!!

It was a little warm to ride the bikes,
so we "drove around" a bit
taking in all the natural beauty and critters of the area.

 The Cape May Lighthouse from this vantage point is 
really spectacular!!

 Every time we visit, we get one picture here...

and here.

 We ended the day with a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

 This is always a lot of fun but you really have to be "us"
to know why it is so special and so funny!!

Our horse was wearing purple nail polish...
yeah, I'm not certain how I felt about that, I'm pretty sure it was a boy.


  1. What a nice trip for you and Hubs, Debbie. I am with you with the horse's nail polish. Just looks strange to me. Have a wonderful week, hugs, Latane

  2. Hello, Debbie. Cape May is my favorite place to visit. It looks like you and the hubs had a great time too. Starting with the awesome high tea and ending with the carriage ride. It is odd seeing a horse wearing nail polish, I can understand the color purple though..It is your favorite, maybe they knew you were coming.
    Happy Monday, have a great new week ahead!

  3. a mid-week getaway. that's nice!!!

  4. That is going above the call of duty to paint the horses hoofs in your honor )))! We love a mid week getaway and you picked a beauty of an area ... We visited there on our

  5. RV trip up the East Coast ... Too long ago now! Sorry for the weird comments .. IPad and all thumbs... Not necessarily a good combo.

  6. Did you know that not far from your horse ride location, there's a bird sanctuary? Save it for the next trip. Cape May (where I've spent many a day) was voted as one of the top Jersey beach towns!

  7. "you really have to be "us"
    to know why it is so special and so funny!!" Now that has me curious:) Oh I love seeing you two and your smiles. Hug B

  8. How fun Debbie! I've always wanted to visit Cape May!

  9. There you are and doing a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride just like Cinderella :)

  10. This looks fun and relaxing. Love the picture of the lighthouse!

  11. Can't tell if it's a boy. Carriage poles are blocking the, uh, "view" or lack thereof.

    When we lived in TR, our spur of the moment day trip was a ride on the Cape May Ferry. Old Days... Isn't that a song by Chicago?

    xo, m & jb who wants to know what is a capemayfurry?

  12. This looks like a splendid road trip! Cool temps, having lunch in a beautiful garden, the both of you look great, seeing & capturing the beauty of the area. The horse & carriage ride looks awesome just not sure about the purple hooves but at least it was your color.

    1. right?? it was for sure a boy....he had made that clear earlier ;)

  13. I love Cape May too! A wonderful place for a getaway...:)JP

  14. Looks like a great time! I haven't visited there...yet!

  15. Debbie, that horse was just for you!! lol Y'all look adorable, as always. Looks like a fantastic place to visit and spend the day. Those spur-of-the-moment trips are so fun!

  16. Good to see you having fun together.

  17. I am laughingat the horses nailpolish but at least it was your colour! yes it all looks great fun. Love the horse and carriagge.

  18. Only been once, loved the Victorian Homes!

    Purple is the color that represents Pancreatic Cancer, the disease that took both my wife's parents, so for that alone and because you are a "Jersey" girl, I am a new follower.

  19. Oh that looks like it was just the perfect day out, I love those last minute jump in the car days!! That is too funny the horse had purple nail polish.

  20. Looks like it was a pleasant outing. I've never done a High Tea before, sounds yummy.
    Loved the Lighthouse and the beautiful swan. You and the "hubs" always look so happy. The carriage ride sounds great. Would love to know the story behind it. Oh and the purple polish on the horse....strange.

  21. You guys?
    What can I say? You're so cute together, and I know
    you both cherish these outings and making memories


  22. Oh you two do have fun together and I love it. The photos were awesome as always. I can use that lighthouse one for sure. I can tell you have a very good man that you love and it is obvious in your photos together. Hugs for this one!

  23. Purple nail polish? REALLY??!!;)

  24. Fantastic trip and well spent ;)

  25. I do love light houses! And the old boat as a planter/sign is always so pretty.