Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Summer 2015 Parade of Lights.

Summers at The Jersey Shore...
they just can not be beat
Every weekend, there are so many fun things to enjoy, participate in,
see, watch...and have the time of your life.
The beaches, the bike paths, festivals, carnivals,
we have a Facebook Page dedicated to
New Jersey Events
and there is something wonderful for everyone.

This past Saturday a dedicated boats man in
The Atlantic Highlands organized
The Summer 2015 Parade of Lights.
Simply put, 100 boats decorated with lights and flags, 
formed a parade on the Navesink River, for all to view.
Festive, fun, colorful...horns honking and people cheering,
what an amazing free event for all to share.
There was lots of tailgating, socializing,
and swapping of Jersey Shore Stories.

 What a view, waiting for the sun to set and the boats to appear.

Hamming it up...

The beginning of The Parade of Lights

The boats...

 This is not a great picture but you can see how many boats participated,
they said between 80 and 100.

Now this was fun and it was so cool outside you needed a sweatshirt.
My kinda' night!!

June 13, 2015


  1. I love the boat parades. We had Night in Venice in Ocean City, and we loved it. Each boat had a theme, and they'd party on the boat as they went through the lagoons into the bay.

  2. Great sunset shots! And what an awesome event....reminds me of the Parade of Boats at Independence Day at Waterside in Norfolk, Va when we lived there. So much fun! Great pictures!

  3. that's very cool. (and cool at night! what a concept!) :)

  4. That is a novel way to hold a parade.I love the sunset scenes as well.

  5. This is nice & talk about cool these pictures of boats & water kinda cooled me off as well, it's triple digit Hot today.

    1. It has cooled down a little here so we headed to cape may for the day. It's raining now as we are driving home!!

  6. What fun!!! It looks like a fun time.

  7. WOW! How lucky you are to live so close to all of this!

  8. Oh how pretty- I would love to see that in person.

  9. You are right about that. Gee those are beautiful and fun shots. Love the hamming it up one best of all! Well, maybe not the lights on the boats are so cool.

  10. Hello Debbie, the sunset shots are beautiful. It is neat to see the parade of boats all lit up like Christmas time. Great shots!

  11. My kinda night too! I love me a big ol' sweat shirt! And that sunset!!!

  12. WOW!!! What a beautiful night!!!

  13. Cool evenings are so refreshing especially while being entertained!...:)JP

  14. Oh my the sunset pictures are outstanding, I do love a good sunset picture :) How fun I have heard of these but never attended.... sounds like a perfect evening for it!

  15. I bet that was really pretty. We were in NJ last week, visiting our daughter who just had a baby. It was so hot and humid that we wished we were at the shore to catch a cool breeze.

  16. Oh this looked like such a fun event. The photos are spectacular. You should do advertisements for the Jersey shore. I would love to come there sometime for a visit. The sunset pictures were breathtaking. Of course, you know how much I love them. I am looking forward to using more.

  17. What a great event. I love light parades and one on the water would be so cool. I enjoyed seeing these photos very much.

  18. Looks like a completely awesome event to attend! Neat to see the boats...and the lights...but I think most beautiful of all were heaven's lights--the beautiful sunset! Great shots!

  19. LOVE these, Debbie. I haven't been to the one here in a while. Always so much fun. :)