Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When Chuck Cooks...

When the hubs cooks, it usually looks a bit like this...

The hubs has been eating this same pizza, from the same pizzeria
since he was a youngin'.
The Jersey Shore, J & G Pizza is the best.
No one makes a "pie" like they do.
Do you call it a pie??
We always order a large, plain pie...some people think 
pie is desert.
If you live at the shore, you know what a "pie" is.

The other night, the hubs really made dinner,
and I could not have been happier.
This is his specialty, and no one does it better.

 Chicken Kabobs with Potatoes
We get the kabobs pre-made and marinated
The Delicious Orchard.

Foil packets of potatoes cooked on the grill...
red bliss potatoes, sweet onion and lot's of butter.

  There is a lot of slicing...

 it's all in the preparation and the hubs has it down to a science.

 On the grill for 22 minutes...

this is so very yummy.
The potatoes are crisp on the bottom, soft and full of flavor on top.
So, do you love to grill??
It's a favorite way to cook in the summer,
here at our house!!


  1. Love is grand, (it's all about the moments) and I see it every time I'm here!

  2. When I was a kid, we went to the Jersey shore to visit my grandmother, and her neighbors asked us if we wanted some pie -- they were going out to get some. I fully expected that the "pies" they were ordering were going to be apple pies or blueberry pies. I remember how startled I was when they returned with pizza.

  3. Wow I am a bit jealous. My Hero does "pie" too:):) I wish he could cook like Chuck. Beautiful. Hug B

  4. his dinner looks great!

    many years ago, here in dallas, i worked for a father and son who were from new jersey. one day the father told me to order a pie for lunch for those of us in the office. i didn't understand. the son saw my confusion and clarified to order a pizza. :)

  5. Oh goodness, now that ALL looks so good!
    Chuck is a good ol boy (what we say here). :)


  6. Looks great, we grill a lot this time of year too. My husband does a potato packet similar to yours but with some garlic and I love it. I'll have to remember this other type of "pie". Cheers.

  7. Yummy!! We do grill in the summer, but just simple things. I want to try grilled fruit this summer.

  8. good thing I just finished lunch or I'd be mad at you.

  9. I've never heard pizza called pie. Dinner at your house looks good & it looks like hubs is happy preparing it with that great smile. I cook on my grill almost everyday 12 months a year. I cook my potatoes & onions the same way.

    1. oooo karen, then you know how good these really are!!!!

  10. Hello Debbie, it all looks deliciousThe chicken kabobs would be my favorite. My hubby is the potato man, he loves potatoes of any kind. Enjoy your evening!

  11. Where did you find him??! LOL No, I don't like to grill, but I sure love the taste of grilled food. And any food tastes better if someone else makes it for me. (rare occasion).

  12. I've heard of pizza pie but never just plain pie. He's a keeper.

  13. Oh yes! The shish kabobs look scrumptious! We don't eat pizza at home too much. We end up eating it at Costcos. Yours looks great though.

  14. Oh the food looks so yummy. I am going to make sure we do the dinner your husband made. We love to grill too! Pizza is one of our favorite dishes and I didn't know it was called a pie.
    Blessings and hugs!

  15. How sweet of your hubby to cook your meal, if we are grilling mine usually cooks the meat portion while I get everything else around.

  16. This looks delicious, we practically never use the grill, let alone DH. Can I borrow yours once in a while?

  17. Your hubby actually cooks, too? Pizza is a regular on our menu, but we don't usually call it pie. I am familiar with the term "pizza pie." The kabobs and potatoes do look yummy. I like to grill, need to do more of it.