Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Farm House...

at Calgo Gardens!

You guys remember Calgo Gardens!
There are so many layers to this amazing garden center,
here is one I have yet to share...
The Farm House.

It's a beautifully renovated old Farm House...
downstairs can be rented for most any occasion
and upstairs they have a wellness center,
with yoga, meditation and holistic therapies.

Here's a peek at the downstairs,

If you are ever in the Freehold ~ Farmingdale area,
Calgo Gardens, their gift shop and
this Farm House are a must see.

And also, if you visit here, you are only about five minutes from
From The Garden Inc.
the honey bee store I shared a few weeks ago.
Visiting both is a "must-do" if you are in the area...
or if you are looking for a fun day trip.
It's a wonderful farm, rural area as well!!

And as long as you are at
The Harvest
the food is amazing!!

April 25, 2015


  1. Good Morning, Debbie. You always seem to find these lovely gift shops and restaurants. I see a few items I would like to have. Thanks for sharing, have a happy Wednesday..

  2. Good morning stranger:):) Oh this place is fabulous. Nicest farmhouse I have ever seen and what lovely things it holds. Hugs b

  3. I think you have found a gem of a place, Debbie!

  4. Wow! That's a lot to take in! They certainly have some unusual items! I saw of couple of things I'd like to have.

  5. I want that sun-mood wall hanging. (to go with my three suns)

  6. I love ALL of this. Beautiful and precisely my taste!

  7. That is just my kind of thing. I would love that place! I love that bench that Chuck is sitting on. That is so cool and then that clock.
    I think the upper room sound great too. I think I need to get out more. :) Have a great day Debbie

  8. You find precious gift shops, Debbie. That clock I like to have;))
    good Wednesdays.

  9. some very unique things. i like the big block sitting next to chuck on the bench. and i like the spindle lights. :)

  10. So many beautiful, unique and interesting things. I love the way you used the mirror to catch the stairs and the clock and display shelf, all wonderful.

  11. Some of those items look amazing! That last cabinet with the wine in it is certainly different - a real conversation-starter.

    I've now put this on my "New Jersey Places to Go" Excel spreadsheet!

  12. You're a walking advertisement for our little state! You should send your pix and descriptions to the local chamber of commerce. This farm house looks so nice -- such an eclectic mix of old and new!

  13. What a fun place to visit, Debbie! Great photos! I've been looking around your blog for the gorgeous wrap you're knitting (or have knitted) because I was wondering if you'd share the pattern. Maybe you already did at one time, but I don't recall. Anyway, it is so gorgeous and would make a great group knitting project - like yours was. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  14. Yep, if I were there, the sun and the moon and Mr. Yoga Frog would be gone! What a fun place indeed.

  15. Love this place! So many interesting seem to find such amazing spots.

  16. Beautifully decorated this old farm house. Love the beamed ceilings & looks like the floors are made of wide planks of heart pine. Also love that chalkboard it gives the house even more character. Your husband as a great smile. I agree with muffie about the chamber of commerce.

    1. hehehe, i should rename the blog "i love new jersey"!!!!!

  17. I love that whimsical wine rack. No room for it, but I love it it to bits. No room for any thing they sell there probably except the delicious food and drink. That would be enough to make me happy.

  18. LOVE this. So many things to look at and admire. :)


  19. I think this one had some very unique and interesting items. I really liked the photo of the clock.
    This was a fun one! Hugs~

  20. It feel's like harmony when I look at this place. The wood-things are fantastic.

  21. I just love both the benches and that clock is just amazing!!

  22. Me divorce husband, marry that house? No? Rats.

  23. Fan of your reflection shot!! And LOVE all the glass ware - how do you manage to leave everything in all the fun stores you visit??!! I'd be broke in no time!