Monday, June 11, 2018

Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

This festival was held at Franklin Square in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
28 culturally inspired lantern sculptures...
every one of these more incredible than the next!

We arrived at 6 p.m., to see the colorful sculptures before they were lit.
It was fun to view them this way, to see and appreciate all of the colorful, amazing details.
Today I am going to share how they looked before dark, 
tomorrow I will show you how beautiful they were, all lit up.

You enter the event through The Koi Fish Gate...

and proceed down the Golden Fish Gallery

The Peacock

The next 4 sculptures are Chinese Mythological Animals

African Daises

Chinese Dragon

Lion Palace Lantern

Rhino Beetle

Time Tunnel

Panda Paradise

Year of the Dog

Squirrel Family

- hugs & kisses -

Great White Shark

Forest Concert

Polychrome Elephants

Happy Birds

Color Ball Corridor

Hector's Dolphin

Gooty Tarantula

Poison Dart Frog

Rock Hopper Penguins

Colorful Worm

Fairy Tree

Crystal Swan

Olive Ridley Turtle

The sculptures are constructed from the same material as a typical Chinese lantern.
A few, like this turtle, had moving parts.
Each exhibit, not too far from the next, made it easy to see everything.
It was not over crowded, there were plenty of food vendors, adult beverages, a beer garden
and some interesting Chinese Art.

Well run, lots of security, this festival was a real winner.
Running through June 30th, if you get the chance, and are not too far away, go see it...
you will not be disappointed!



  1. thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful monday!!

  2. Oh my they are all so colorful and I can't wait to see them all lit up!!

  3. What a fun way to spend the day. I would love to be there. It looks like perfect weather. Was it close to your house?

    1. it was about a 1 hour, 20 minute drive. the turnpike, so it was a super easy drive. the festival was right there, as we got off the turnpike!!

  4. Goodness what fun this was for us as much as you! Beautiful photos Debbie!

  5. These photos are AMAZING! Do you live in the greatest place on Earth or what?? 😲

  6. Only imagination can limit what human creativity can accomplish. Wow! Just gorgeous. I look forward to the night photos!

  7. Amazing is the word that comes to mind!
    Such colour and variety, loved this post.

    All the best Jan

  8. These are impressive AND just gorgeous!!

  9. WOW! Certainly no lack of color at this place.It does look very interesting.

  10. Oh my, these are spectacular displays. I loved them all. They are so colorful. I of course loved all the ones that the two of you were in. You are both so adorable. I smiled a lot on the ones where there was amazing facial expressions that went a long with the picture.
    Blessings and hugs for the smiles today!

  11. Beautiful in the daylight too but a totally different experience. You and Chuck just crack me up!

  12. Again I can't believe how cool these things are. Going back through some of your posts I've missed and am so glad because these are just fantastic. Oh and I loved your hubby with the spider one.

  13. Wow, the sculptures are fantastic! Love the colors!