Thursday, September 16, 2021

What's Going On...

Besides cooking, I have kept busy working on the hat I am knitting for the boy next door.

I only knit at night and for me, I am making great progress.

 I think organizing the pictures on my computer could keep me busy until the day I die.
I don't find it to be fun, but I find it to be very satisfying.
Just for kicks and giggles I decided to count the number of folders/albums I have on my computer.
Two hundred seventy eight...
- 278 - thats a lot -

The Pool Company came and closed the pool, that is always a sad day!

My new "Better Homes & Gardens" magazine arrived,
I can't wait to dig it to it.

I had 2 of these cute little knobs in my "junkish" drawer and I installed them on my laundry room doors. They are so cute!
I would love to have white doors and trim throughout my house,
I have large white trim in my family room, but that is the only room.
Redoing all of the trim and doors would be a huge undertaking.
And as with everything, if we just did that it wouldn't be too much...
but if we are going to that, we should first do this and first that needs to be done...
and so we do nothing.

I have been cleaning/dusting a lot, some rooms had not been dusted since before I was in the hospital.

I cleaned out 2 of my kitchen cabinets with the help of the is so much easier with his help.

And the refrigerator...
I could not wait to clean out the refrigerator, I am so grateful to be able to do these things again.

Business paperwork has kept me very busy also.
We are doing 1031 exchanges with the money we acquired from the sale of the Lakewood property.
If you reinvest the money within 45 days,
 it defers the taxes you would owe until you sell the second invested property.
President Biden is proposing to eliminate that benefit, and time is not on our side.


  1. Hello,

    The hat looks like it is coming along, I like the yarn color. It always seems like their is some kind of house work to be done.
    Thankfully, my hubby and I share these duties. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. I haven't bought a magazine in ages... but you make me want to. I have so many Southern Cast Iron and Cast Iron Casseroles, etc. magazines and I love to go back through them occasionally... trying something new here and there. And I love those little crystal knobs! I find adding little things like that add a lot to a home (I have little leaf knobs in one bathroom). You must be feeling better to be doing all that!

  3. Oh that endless organizing. I think my pictures are in pretty good shape, but I have started going through all the music I have on the computer.Trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.And don't get me started on a huge collection of notes/pictures and saying I have saved to various places on my computer. That'll enough to send me into hiding.

  4. I do buy a magazine from time to time, it is always nice to sit quietly with one instead of a book.

    All the best Jan

  5. That pool overlooking the harbour is amazing!

  6. You sound busy, Debbie. That hat looks great too. Those are sweet kids.

  7. I love the hat. Back in the day I would treat myself to a Better Homes & Gardens while in the grocery line. Now with the price of groceries and the price of magazines it isn't even a consideration. So sad.

    1. hi Bonnie, if you go online, or watch for the good deals, you can get a whole YEARS SUBSCRIPTION OF all the magazines for like $5.00 (apeice), for a whole YEAR....AND that is like the price for just ONE MAGAZINE at the check outs! Thats what I do, it saves so much $$$. Just helping..... I just took Better Homes and Gardens for 5.00, Southern Living for 5.00, and a few others.....they offer the SENIOR DISCOUNT. Are you a Senior???

  8. Debbie - I used to receive Southern Living magazine, and it was one of my guilty pleasures to read it cover to cover - back then, I was working full-time and had no time for "house decorating projects". Now I do - maybe I should subscribe to one or two mags - even if I don't do anything, it's fun to look at the pictures!

  9. A beautiful pool with a great view. I am sure it is very relaxing.
    I read 3 magazines: the topics are history, running and rugby.

  10. HI there Debbie, I got my Better Homes and Gardens too, love reading them. I am a magazine junkie and have been AL MY LIFE.Back in the "DAY" was 16, Tiger Beat, Seventeen, 'Teen, Young Miss, Co-Ed. Some of my favorites are Better Homes, Southern Lady, southern living, Garden and Gun, Good Housekeeping (but---it's going DOWN QUICKLY, it's not like the good old magazine of the 1960s and 1970s), i also love all the Reminisce and Reminisce Extra and Birds and Blooms publications. Oh, and Pioneer Woman. And probably lots more. Ha ha LOL I love those little glass knobs too, and I've put them on quite a few things here. Sad to see the pool close for another season, and your all's pool is SO SO PRETTY. That hat is going to be cute. How are you feeling this week, are you all recovered? What is your favorite magazine?

  11. I am so glad to hear that you are able to do more of the things you have been wanting to get done. I was the same way after I could get on my foot again, Hubby did a great job with the day to day stuff but other things that I could see were not getting done and I didn't have the heart to ask. Love those knobs you have on your laundry doors, so pretty!

  12. I have been missing reading your blog posts and hope to be back more often. My life has been upside down and I will post something about it soon. I haven't had a moment to breathe for along time. My hubby and I are going on a quick trip for 4 days. We haven't been anywhere for a very long time.
    I need to dust good my shelves for a very long time. I couldn't tell you how long it has been. You are an inspiration. I am so happy you are feel good enough to be doing things like that.
    I like the hat you are doing and who it is far. You are always making a giving gifts to others; I love that about you.
    I liked the door knobs. We are like you. We would like to paint and re-do some things and it's getting projects organized and then no time to do them.
    I have missed you dear friend, and will try to catch up a bit.
    Blessings and hugs!

  13. I have done a terrible job of organizing my photos on my computer and back up drives, but just couldn't get myself to fix them. Unfortunately, I labeled dates January 16, 1995 instead of 1995-01-16. Sigh... I'll have to do it one of these days... sigh...