Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Solving The Mystery

 It was never really a mystery to us...but we have confirmed where I was infected with Covid-19.
- long story -
For about two years I have been asking the hubs if we could get a new car.
He kept saying that there was nothing really wrong with our car.
True, but it was a 2006 and I thought maybe it was time for a new one.
I think it was pretty hard for him to see me in the hospital for so long and to lose the ability to walk.
On Tuesday August 31st he said, "let's go buy you a new car"!
I was in the car in lightning speed and off we went. 
Buying the car was simple, I had done some research, watched a Youtube video,
I knew exactly what I wanted and we found it pretty quickly on the lot.
After the test drive, we nailed down the details and we were to come back the next day to pick it up.

- do you know where I'm going here -

On Wednesday when we went back to pick up the car our salesman was out sick.
I felt fine until that evening, it was then I knew I was getting sick.
On Saturday the hubs called the dealership 
and our salesman was still out sick and the girl said he would be out all of the following week.
The hubs finally spoke with him yesterday, and he did in fact have Covid.
Mystery Solved!

So would you like to see some pictures...

It's a Lexus GX460

This is the color of the interior, beige and black.
It almost looks rose colored in the other pictures.

So the moral of the story is, 
if you want a new car spend 4 weeks in the hospital and you may get one!


  1. It is good you know the source of the infection. Contact tracing is so important!

    Hope all is well again, Debbie!

  2. A beautiful car. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Your new car is beautiful! Hope you continue to get stronger.

  4. Oh that looks nice, we have a high sitting van and it is such a pain to get into it, I would love some running boards on it but hubby says that would defeat the purpose of getting a high sitting van for those times we do a bit of four wheeling.
    Wow it just shows how easy it is to catch covid even when you are taking precautions. I am surprised they didn't do a contact tracing and let everyone know that came in contact with him, no wonder it keeps spreading, UGHH!
    So happy that you got the car you have been wanting, hope you are enjoying it when you go out of your drives!

  5. Too bad you spent that time in the hospital but the car does look great.

  6. Oh, Debbie. I don't think I want a new car that badly (ha!). But I am glad that you figured out how you caught it. And very glad to hear that you're doing so well. My mom used to take me to buy a new toy after going to the doctor... I guess this is kind of the same thing. Enjoy!

  7. Hello Debbie,
    Your new vehicle is pretty. I am glad you found out the source of catching Covid, I hope you are feeling much better now. Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. A very beautiful car. Take care and get well soon!

  9. Gosh, I am so sorry you had to deal with this Debbie. I am really surprised the dealership didn't get in touch with you, and everyone the person came into contact with! Not to be overly critical but it seems very lax on their part. We have been looking into some home covid tests when they become available. I don't think it will be too long before we can get them. All that aside, it is a beautiful car!!!

  10. Don't you just love getting a new car but this time you paid dearly for it and not in money, either. My car is a 2005 Ford 500. Love it. And, at my age I know that this will be the last car I get... so it had better behave itself and hold out for me for awhile yet.

  11. Love your new car. How beautiful!

    Hope you continue to get stronger.

    Happy Wednesday, Debbie!

  12. Your new car is very nice...so luxurious! But I sure hate that you got Covid from the whole experience. This new strain is so contagious! Hope you are feeling better every day. Hugs!

  13. Congratulations on the new SUV! I like the rims! It's nice to know how you got sick just to have that question answered.

  14. Four weeks... Debbie, you were in the hospital four weeks? I am so sorry to hear that!

    I am wondering, since you said you are careful, did you wear a mask? Did the salesman? 😕

    1. i'm not sure if my story got confusing. i was in the hospital for 4 weeks, an exacerbation of my MS, that was back in june and early july. we went to buy the car in september after i came home and was up walking again. at the car dealership, we both wore mask and i sanitized my hands after we were done. i never shook hands with the salesman but he did give me his business card and a pen so i could write something down. i remember he sounded like he had a cold. he had covid and was out sick the following day. it took a couple days before i had symptoms. i am sure that is where i got it!

    2. i went to the hospital ER to get the antibodies after i tested positive. it is a 3 hour infusion and i went home right after. i was not admitted, i did not want to be and i was not sick enough!

    3. My heart is so heavy reading this. How are you feeling now?


      By the way, on my post just now you said "awww, the press gets it right sometimes" but I don't know what that means! 😂

  15. Your new car looks great ... enjoy it :)

    Hope you are feeling much better now.

    All the best Jan