Thursday, April 29, 2021

What Do You See...

 If you share a long glance with anything, it becomes so much more interesting.

How beautiful and vibrant are these cloths, hanging by the seashore.
They are regulars at this shop, always hanging there, probably just as often, they go unnoticed.
The plant pots are so pretty and unusual also.

These 2 beautiful Cherry Blossoms are at the house next door.
Each year, I cannot wait to see them bloom, they are spectacular.

These 2 are in my neighborhood, I am not sure what type of tree these are.

I released this handsome butterfly yesterday,
I have released a total of 10 so far.

We watched another good movie, 
it was funny and a little silly but we loved it...
"Yes Day"


  1. The first thing I noticed was the blue plant pot in the front that looks like it's squashed on the bottom. How unique! Those cherry trees are GORGEOUS!! The tree you weren't sure of I think that is a growing Purple Plum Tree...I think....

  2. Hello,

    I love all the colorful pots. The trees and blossoms are gorgeous. This spring has been lovely so far! Have a great day!

  3. All those blooms are simply adorable.

  4. Those cherry blossom trees are spectacular. Love love brightly coloured cloths and vibrant pots.

  5. It's amazing how some trees can appear so ordinary most of the year and then in the spring they are so amazingly beautiful! Love the pots and cloths. I want them all! x K

  6. I too share your love of plants and nature, I quite often grow plants from a broken twig or at one time grew a fig tree from a fig, and I think your release of butterflies is beautiful. Ever since I was a child I could never even step on an ant, and used to rescue worms that used to float down the hill in the gutters on rainy days. Your pictures are beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous trees! Someone is very fortunate to have those in the yard. Your butterfly is beautiful and glad to hear they are doing well this year!

  8. The blooms are just spectacular this year! You live in such a pretty neighborhood. We started watching Instant Family last night...we watched about half of it. Now I need to find this other movie! Hugs!

  9. Those trees are unbelievable! Just gorgeous!

  10. I like those blue pots and the blossom trees are beautiful.
    No 10 butterfly does look very handsome.

    All the best Jan