Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Keeping Busy ~ Staying Busy

 I don't have any trouble keeping busy, I have a decent morning routine
and I never seem to finish crossing off the things on my
"To Do List"
The list is usually a nice blend of work, cooking, cleaning, phone calls, and knitting,
in that order ~ I wish it were reversed.

I made this on Sunday afternoon
I took step by step pictures, but they were a tad boring,
so I will just share these pictures of the final product,
and the recipe is here.

Only a few ingredients, it went together fairly quickly 
but was extremely sweet, too sweet for me.
I would make a few changes next time,
I doubled the caramel as some of the "tips" suggested.
Next time, I will just follow the recipe exactly.

My vegetable seeds, which I have started indoors, are doing very well.
I can't plant outdoors until May, by then, these plants will be huge.
The deck is drenched in sunlight today and I really enjoy seeing that.
It is still a little cold out,
but the sunshine more than makes up for that!
I find that starting my garden from seeds is so much more rewarding 
than buying plants from a garden center.

I have a really good feeling about these plants!

I purchased 2 of these Wood Elevated Planters/VegTrugs at 
I think these will make the perfect raised garden.
Good thing I bought them when I did,
they are out of stock now.

I started washing - drying and saving my egg shells for my garden again.
I love these old jelly jars with the red plaid tops,
they are perfect for things like this.

I finished my embroidery project,
the iron sprayed a little bit of water on it and the dye on the left side ran.
I may have to cover that by making a couple of leaves.
I spent a lot of time trying to get the creases out, but they just did not come out!


  1. The elevated planter is great and your embroidery turned out really pretty, love the colors.

  2. Love the embroidery and the dessert. You will have a great veggie patch by the look of those starters.

  3. Looks like your garden is well on the way.

  4. Love that elevated planter!! That's what I need. We only have sun on the south side and that's the driveway into our garage. But I could use elevated planters all along the drive... that would be great! And that dessert does look a bit sweet... I'm not into too sweet either.

  5. Hi. I just found your blog tonight through She Junks blog...
    That tarte you made does look absolutely delicious but also very very sweet. Not sure I could handle that. I LOVE how you started all your plants from seed. I am a novice gardener, this is my third year planting a vegetable garden. Im learning as I go. I bought all the plants but I took the leap and started my spaghetti squash from seed and you're right. It's SO much more satisfying. I have plans now for a fall garden and I am going to start everything from seed. I can't wait...Love your elevated planter.. Wish I had seen these before I bought the ones I did. I bought two, three tiered raised planters from Amazon.. They're nice and I like them but like the one you got better because it's higher.. Maybe next year ......

  6. MMMM your tart looks good. Wow your veggies are looking terrific, normally I could start a garden around now but we just got snow today and the next two nights below freezing temps. Those raised beds look great, lucky you got them when you did. I wonder if your fabric may not have been tight enough in your hoop when you did your embroidery, that sometimes happens to mine too. But your stitching looks fantastic!!

  7. Hello Debbie,

    The tart looks delicious. The planter is really cute, I like that it is high. You do not have to stoop over your plants, it hurts my back. I have to remember to keep the egg shells. Your plants look great and I love the cute embroidery. Take care, have a happy day!

  8. Everything is growing so well, I do like your elevated planter.
    Your embroidery is very nice, I like your colour choice of thread.

    All the best Jan

  9. The Embroidery project is beautiful. I like your elevated planter. I think it is awesome that you raise the seeds to plants. I do get inspired by you. I like that you save the egg shells too. You are a master gardener.
    Then you dessert did look yummy! I like sweet.
    Blessings and hugs!