Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Have you ever wondered if you really "use" Pinterest?
I was thinking about just that and decided to peruse my pins and see what really stands out.

This is my go to...

I am sure I have made this 25 times, maybe more, 
it's delicious.

These Short Ribs
you will honestly lick your plate, 
providing no-one is watching!

I have made this 
twice and both times we really enjoyed it!

We love Chicken and I have made this several times,

is really awesome...
I always make it with Cavatappi Pasta and I always add a little or a lot of heavy cream.

they're a funny thing.
I don't really have an exact recipe, I reference this one but...
I don't measure anything and they are not always the same.
I cook them in my sauce and I add ricotta cheese to the meat mixture.
And cooled, sautéed onions also, most times to the meat mixture.

I have made these Cucumber Dill Bites 
When the garden starts to produce, these are a fun snack to make.


This Is The Only Way I Serve Fresh Vegetables
now when I have company.

I also learned about...

I made these a few times, they are super fun if you have kids.
I have "one"! I used Fritos!

And when it comes to potatoes, we are spud lovers, I have made,

and these...

This is just a peek into a small number of foods I have made from Pinterest.
There are so many more.
And craft and knitting projects also...so "yes" Pinterest is my jam!!


  1. The recipes look delicious. I’ve never gotten into Pinterest. I have an account, maybe?

  2. Hello Debbie,

    These all look like delicious recipes. I would love them all, lol. Have a happy day!

  3. You are much more adventurous than me! But I sure could make my way through some of these dishes...like the spinach artichoke dip! YUMO!!!

  4. OOOOOPS DEBBIE I never should've came here.............now I"m STARVING, LOL LOL!!

  5. All those things look fabulous, Debbie. I do use Pinterest. Love it!

  6. Oh my! Are you sure you are not a professional chef?

  7. The man pleasing chicken looked good but the link didn't work for me said there is an error. I am usually looking for new recipes for chicken, although I like white meat instead of dark meat.

    1. i fixed it connie but thanks for letting me know!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I am soooo hungry right now! Definitely going to follow you on Pinterest! Yum! I have too many boards....but I love them all. So many ideas - so little time! Hugs xo K

  9. They look so good, so many great ideas :)

    All the best Jan

  10. Debbie - I know you like to look at my blog for food, but after this post, I have no idea why! Wow, what a smorgasbord of yumminess! I am about to go into cardiac arrest just from the photos!