Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Cathedral Basilica Of The Sacred Heart

When we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, 

off in the distance, I saw a notably, remarkable church.
When we were heading home, we had to follow a detour because of a road closure...
and lo and behold, 
there in front of us was the church we had seen off in the distance.
It was spectacular...
the design and architecture were incredible.
The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Ridge Street in Newark, NJ.
Taking 55 years to build from 1899 - 1954,
it is the 5th Largest Cathedral in North America.
A French Gothic design, the tower height is 232 feet, the spire height is 260 feet.

We did not go inside but I really wish we had, next time!


  1. Dear Debbie!
    I am enchanted by the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus built in the neo-Gothic style.
    I love French cathedrals and have seen over a dozen of them. I have visited Notre Dame in Paris three times. The last time right before the fire.
    Dear Debbie, Your post and wonderful photos made me very happy.
    Kisses and greetings from far away Poland:)

  2. Love how that last photo takes your eyes skyward. Great photos.

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Love the history and the building and what wonderful pictures. The fourth picture is my favorite.

  4. Those churches are just amazing outside and on the inside, they usually have times that you can go in. You did a beautiful job getting pictures of it!

  5. That church would fit into any French village, town or city. We saw quite a few on our travels around France and they are all as amazing as each other whether they are in a big city like Paris or a small town like Vernon.

  6. I can't fit a big enough wow in this text box!

  7. That BlueBird Sky - Amazing - Excellent Use Of The Full Frame - Very Enjoyable Post As Always - Stay Strong


  8. I always find in incredible and mind-blowing to think of people building churches without modern machinery. This is so beautiful!

  9. That old architecture is so beautiful . The intricate details,is something you just don’t see in modern buildings. I love the old buildings.

  10. Debbie - that is spectacular!!!

  11. Wow, very old-world in style.

  12. Hello,

    Beautiful photos of the Cathedral, looks like a lovely day to be outside. I am inside is just as gorgeous.
    Take care, have a great day!

  13. A magnificent cathedral Debbie, great shots!

  14. Wow, the photos of this cathedral are magnificent. It is amazing the kind of work they did on building in that day. It's so much like our Salt Lake Temple.
    Loved that you shared this.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs!

  15. That is impressive! I can't believe you hadn't been there before. An equally impressive construction time, too! Beautiful church!

  16. My dear friend! I love your tulips in the previous post - and this! I have never seen this particular Cathedral so up close !!! Love your photography!

  17. A fabulous collection of photographs.
    The Church is so impressive, I'm sure the inside is just as stunning as the outside.

    All the best Jan