Friday, April 16, 2021

Feeding The Ducks

 The hubs bought cracked corn so I could feed the ducks at 
Lake of the Lilies
I enjoy feeding the ducks and I thought it would help me to get better pictures of them...
- NOT -
They get so excited, waddle all over the place, don't stop for one second,
it is nearly impossible to get a picture of them.

I did ok with the girls...

Female Mallard Ducks

They always "look" happy!

I realized too, that photographing them in the water produces better pictures.
When feeding them, 
they are always on shore...
so I decided I will take pictures first and then feed them.
There is one small problem with that, 
now they recognize our car and charge us as soon as we approach.

There were a few Seagulls, completely uninterested in eating,
that surprised me.

This is a Laughing Gull
my book says they are present only in the summer, they must have recently returned.

All of the other pictures I took when feeding the ducks were pretty blurry,
but I have a plan for next time!


  1. Ducks are smart creatures! Great photos. I’ve never see a laughing gull before. Gorgeous creature.

  2. Hello,
    Fun times, it is funny they recognize your car now. Great photos. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

  3. I have found too that if you put out feed they don't make good pictures.

  4. Lovely photos. I can't remember the last time I fed the ducks! :0)

  5. They love easy food like a lot of creatures do and can definitely mob the source! LOL! At many public parks/lakes here Fish & Wildlife has banned feeding altogether.

  6. I had to laugh they know your car now, yes when they are on the move it is harder to get pics. neat that there are new birds that come through.

  7. Always enjoy seeing your photographs :)

    All the best Jan

  8. I think getting photos of the Female ducks was great. I think they must be smarter than the male, since they would at least somewhat pose for the photos. I hope they got more food. Yes, pictures first is a good idea. I love how nature does recognize people and cars too and come running. The Laughing Gull is a pretty bird too. Another great bird picture taking adventure.
    Big hugs!