Friday, April 30, 2021

The Fish Were Biting!!

 The inlet in Point Pleasant Beach is about a 10 minute drive from home.
Turning right out of our neighborhood, the winding road takes you right to the beach area.
It's a nice spot to park and watch the boats come and go...
and see the occasional fishermen reel in their catch of the day.

On Wednesday, the fish were biting like crazy...

This guy said they were Blue Fish, they were big and they looked like good fish...
yet, everyone was throwing them back.
One man told me they were not good enough to feed his dog.
I don't really know anything about fishing...
but the hook came out and back into the water they went.

I always enjoy seeing the boats.

Afterward, we went for ice cream...

Point Creamery
Homemade Premium Ice Cream, it tasted so good on this beautiful night!

Is it just me or is spring so much better this year?


  1. Hello Debbie,
    Looks like a nice day to be out. I guess the fish are happy they were thrown back. The ice cream looks delicious! Everything feels so fresh and new this spring, the trees and flowers are looking beautiful. Have a great day, happy weekend!

  2. I think we feel like this spring is better because of the lockdown we have all had to endure. No wonder that fish was so big if it keeps getting thrown back in the water:)

  3. What a great place to go for a look at life by the water. Such huge fish! Too bad they’re not edible. The ice cream looks yummy!

  4. It looks like the area was full of fisherman that's for sure, those fish are big. I imagine there are some fish that taste better than others. It sure does feel a little more comfortable to get out now that we are vaccinated.
    That ice cream looks delicious!

  5. Oh yum to that ice-cream. I love ice-cream, and I guess it shows.

  6. It's the tug on your line that means success, regardless of the fish.

  7. Debbie, I'm not familiar with those fish... but they were big! Growing up in Louisiana I loved to fish. Dad had a fishing camp on Grand Isle. Mostly the men and boys got to go. But occasionally if no one else was there, I got to go too. Loved it. Don't get to fish much anymore...

  8. I've said it before, but I always love the boats! As weird as it sounds, some species of fish just don't taste good at all and aren't kept for eating. They're still fun to catch, though!

  9. The fishermen did well...

    That ice cream looks delicious.

    All the best Jan