Monday, April 12, 2021

Cherry Blossom Festival

Planning a day-trip, a ride in the car making it happen, let me tell you, that felt awesome.
I first wrote about our recent trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival on Friday.
You can see that entry and the first half of the pictures here.
Today I am sharing the rest of the pictures I took.
The trees were at peak bloom, I don't think they could have looked better.

It was a gorgeous spring day...
you will see how blue the sky was in the pictures, 
the full sun was a welcome sight and the temperature was perfect, 
there was a slight, welcome breeze.

If you were to describe the ideal day, this would be it!

There was a path around parts of the park that you could drive around,
the view from that path was stunning.
What I love about these Cherry Blossoms are the colors...
both pink and white, 
you would have to see this park in order to appreciate just how beautiful the trees are.

We stayed outdoors and masks were required, 
everyone was wearing one so we felt completely safe.
We only removed ours for pictures.

We had so much fun, I want to go back, just to feel it all again.


  1. Hello Debbie

    The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful, lovely series of photos. Cute shots of you and your hubby! Take care, have a happy day and a great new week!

  2. Beautiful trees! The sunburst photo is awesome! Glad you had so much fun!

  3. Most glorious blossoms I have ever seen. Wow.

    Love the smiles on your faces too.

  4. The close up of the flowers are just wonderful and I can't imagine how it all must have smelt! Aren't you cute with you cherry blossom scarf:)

    1. ooooh you noticed, it is a cherry blossom scarf!! i bought that a few years back at the cherry blossom festival in washington, d.c.!

  5. Beautiful! And pale pink flowers are my favorite...

  6. Oh wow! How amazing. It's one of those places you could spend all day, sitting under a tree with a good book and a thermos of coffee ♥

  7. It does look like it was the perfect day, and the trees were all full and lush!! I love them too, there is nothing like a blooming tree, just makes this girl happy. Our tree out back didn't last long with it's blooms, we had such strong winds and rain that it knocked most of them out.

  8. Oh my! How would I ever stop taking pictures with so much beauty around. Your pictures are stunning.

  9. Wow! That is totally over the top GORGEOUS! Looks like you dressed for the occasion too! It's fun to have a photo of the two of you with that sweet you both are! Thanks for sharing these beautiful Spring blossoms!

  10. It really was gorgeous because your photos are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, Debbie!!

  11. Beautiful photographs, it really does look an amazing day.
    Lovely smiles, and your scarf is a perfect match for the blossoms :)

    All the best Jan

  12. I like how you color-coordinated your scarf to the blossoms.

  13. Gorgeous.. we used to live a walk away from that park.

  14. Oh wow, absolutely gorgeous and the best photos are the ones of you and Chuck :)))

  15. I do love the beautiful adventures you two take. The photos are spectacular. As always, I love the ones of you two lovebirds.
    Blessings and hugs!