Thursday, April 8, 2021

A Little Of This...

I have been having such a difficult time with my knitting projects.
What I have gotten really good at is ripping stitches out, and I am a champion at restarting pieces.
For now, I have put them aside and I have been working on an embroidery project.
That's going well!

On another super positive note, the hubs got me some purple tulips that I asked for.
Don't you find that fresh flowers always brighten the mood in any home?

Aren't they pretty?

A friends son, 
Brady made this beautiful potholder.
He gifted it to me because of all the purple it has in it.
Is there anyone on the planet earth that doesn't know I love purple.

I bought this 100% Alpaca yarn the last time I was at the farm.
Hand died by Liz, Signs of Spring...I think that is the perfect name for this yarn.

I planted the vegetable seeds for my garden on March 27th,

look how big they have gotten in just a week.

I bought this beautiful watering can on Amazon,
I needed something with a thinner spout.

The weather has been really beautiful here,
and we have been spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying it!


  1. Could you send some good weather up the Atlantic coast please? It is miserable here again.

    Your plants are really taking off! Great photos as always!

  2. Those tulips are just beautiful!! It does seem that there are times when things just go awry and putting them away for a while often helps. Cute little hot pad:)

  3. Sorry the knitting is giving you troubles, I too have an easier time with embroidery :) Yes flowers are very nice, the ones hubby bought me for my birthday lasted a pretty long time so that was nice.
    That was sweet of your friends son to give you the pot holder since it has purple in it :)
    Wow your plants are doing amazing, I will not be having stuff out in my garden in the yard but hope to plant a few things on the ones I have on the deck, I can get to those ok, depending on if we are getting the deck redone this year, we haven't decided.
    I love that hammered watering can!

  4. Hello,

    The tulips are lovely and the yarn is pretty. I love the new watering can! Take care, have a great day!

  5. Gorgeous Tulips! And your veggies are doing great.

  6. Love the Tulips and your seed are coming up well Devvie

  7. Sorry to hear about your knitting. Sometimes I find it better to leave it to one side, do something else and go back to it later.
    I love your tulips. We don't seem to have purple ones here. :0)

  8. I think the tulips look lovely.
    I do like your new watering can, the hammered effect is great isn't it.

    All the best Jan