Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes you find fun...sometimes you have to make it up.
I wanted to visit the lake and I decided a Scavenger Hunt would be fun,
so why not join those two things together.

- let me tell you, this was fun -

I made up the Scavenger Hunt with things I thought we might see...
The rules were pretty simple, each item can only be used once.
We each found 14, so it was a tie.

A Goose and Snow



Flock of Birds


We stopped for fresh hot donuts at 
and went to the inlet and enjoyed them there.

Make a Scavenger Hunt and try this out, it really was fun!


  1. Any excursion which includes fresh donuts would be a pleasure!

  2. A fun time for sure and love the mallard picture, so up close and personal.

  3. Love that goose...handsome specimen!!...jp

  4. Beautiful pictures, especially of the birds.

  5. That certainly sounds fun and a great idea.
    Lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  6. If it is anything like here the seagulls aren't hard to find :) We went out yesterday and can you believe we came across a whole bunch of pelicans, I haven't looked at my pictures yet to see if any of them turned out, but it was fun seeing them :) I bet it gets exciting to see who can find the stuff the quickest.

  7. You do know how to have fun! I so admire that about you!

  8. Debbie - what a creative idea! And donuts to "top" it off!!! I think this is something our son would really enjoy. I am on it!

  9. Hello, :=) What fun!! Such a good idea, making an outing more interesting with a Scavenger Hunt. Lovely photos too.

  10. Great idea! And you have great photos to go with it! Looks like it was a nice day to get out.

  11. You do come up with the funniest of ideas. You are like two teenagers with the fun things you do and especially the games.
    The day looks perfect. The birds are magnificent. I especially loved the photo of the Goose and the reflection: stunning!
    Blessings and hugs!