Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Critters ~ 376 ~

A Loon is an elegant waterbird.
With a long, pointed bill held slightly elevated or on an angle.
It dives for fish and swims underwater to catch them,
propelling itself with its feet.
It swallows most of its prey underwater.
The Loon has sharp rearward pointing projections on the roof of its mouth,
that help it keep a firm hold on slippery fish.
Sexes are similar.
They have an eerie call/cry, like a wailing babies cry!

I am sharing this image to see if anyone knows why this Loon looks markedly different.
Spotted about most of the head, instead of the definitive white and gray.
I did a little research and it did not look like the pictures in my book of a juvenile,
or what the book called "1st winter".
I saw these Loons on Wednesday, it was windy and the water was very choppy.
I only see Loons during the winter.

The last time we were at 
Lake of the Lilies
We saw this Killdeer
Boldly marked, long legged, noisy plover...these I see year round.

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  1. Hello Debbie,
    Great series on the Loon! I am not sure the one Loon looks more spotted, I would have thought it was a juvenile. I always enjoy seeing the Killdeer, they are so sweet. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Excellent Divers, beautiful shots Debbie.

  3. I love that lonely sound of the loon. It is a sound of the wilderness. That where I remember hearing it when I was young.

  4. Beautiful photos of the Loon. If you ever discover why this one had the spots; let me know. I have learned so much about birds because of you. Great photo of the Killdeer too.
    Blessings and hugs for your critter post today!

  5. I love the Loons and their cry is both beautiful and chilling.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a loon, Debbie, and I've heard their calls are very strange, LOL! I love yesterday's pictures too---the ocean water was such a gorgeous COLOR!! Hope your weekend is going nicely. it is so warm and beautiful here today, lots of sunshine and fresh air. Hugs!

  7. The loon call is common here on the lakes in summer! I can hear it in my head now after seeing your pics!

  8. The water does look like it was a bit rough that day. Last time we were at the lake it was still frozen over. Not sure what kind of Loon it is but he is a beauty anyway.

  9. We don't have loons in my area. I'd like to hear them. I've heard them in movies.

  10. Loving the pictures of the Loons. In Scotland a Loon is the name given to a young boy/man. :0)

  11. I love hearing loons! They have such unique calls. As do killdeer. It appears your spotted one is a molting adult perhaps. Molting begins on the face after breeding season. I thought it usually happens in the fall, though, so it seems a bit late.

  12. I don't know if I've ever seen a Loon but I can imagine the sound it makes. I think I've watched movies with the sounds! Love the Killdeer....what a beauty! Enjoy your day!

  13. Open beautiful blue waters, lucky them and you, and thank you for posting some Killdeer I miss seeing them here.

  14. The loon looks quite beautiful.

    All the best Jan