Thursday, February 25, 2021

Did You Know...

 Did you know that you can order single cards on-line at 

It is helpful during the pandemic and for those like me who can't drive.
I shop on-line for the upcoming month and get all the cards I need.
Shipping is free and they come very quickly,
in a large, heavy, cardboard envelope that protects them well.

Did you know that sometimes a cake mix is better than homemade.

I have made so many coffee cakes in my life and have never made one better than this one.
Few ingredients, super quick and easy, the hubs and I love this one.

Did you know that one stem on an 
Amaryllis Plant 
can hold five flowers, I didn't know that!

And if your wonderful husband brings home tulips for you...

and they "droop" in the vase...

did you know that if you stick a pin through the stem,
at the base of the flower, then pull it out, the tulips will stand up straight.
You can watch a video about how to do that here.

And just in case you wondered if it works,
here they are today!

Another day in the books, and that's all I've got!


  1. In January every year, I buy the cards for the year. Our stores are open and I felt safe doing it this year. Your idea is great too.

  2. Oh that is nice that you can get your cards that way, but you make such lovely cards :)
    I have not tried making a crumb cake that I can remember but that looks so good I will have to see if our store has one of those mixes. Your flowers all look wonderful, and who knew what a pin could do to those tulips, very interesting.

  3. I didn't know that you could order Hallmark cards online... or that a pin in the stem of tulips would un-droop/de-droop?? them. Thanks, Debbie.

  4. I will have to look for that coffee cake mix. i have seen that brand name of pancake mix and know it is good. Love your Tulips, they are so pretty.

  5. I enjoyed this 'Did You Know' post :)

    Your tulips look so nice.

    All the best Jan

  6. Pretty flowers and no I sure didn't know that about the tulips, or about ordering individual cards online. The coffee cake looks yummy!

  7. What a great idea! I just missed a birthday and will go over there right now! Thank you Debbie, and for all the other lovely images also. Have a great weekend!

  8. The flowers are beautiful. It makes me feel like spring is but a step away. I didn't know that about Tulips at all. I think your husband is the best to bring you flowers. The dessert looks yummy and I will have to try it. I didn't know about ordering cards on-line. Thanks for your tips today.
    Sending hugs your way!

  9. I might have to look at the UK Hallmark site and see if I can order some cards. I have a few Birthdays coming up soon so it would be handy to order then all at once.