Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Do You See What I See...

 Driving around our area, Christmas is evident everywhere.
I can't make the hubs pull over for all of it, so I try to yell out for the better things.

I really loved this truck, and he did not have to spin the car around for us to see it!
Next time we go by, I need to stand in the front of it and take a picture!

Look at this Christmas Tree...

it's made from lobster traps!
Only at the Jersey Shore would you see something so amazing.

Oooooh and this mailbox for the kiddos,
how great is this?

We still have our 
Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts to do.
These are so fun, if you are interested they can be found
here and here and you should be able to print them.

- do something fun today -


  1. Debbie, you always capture the most amazing scenes. Love that truck!! Glad hubby didn't zip by it so fast you didn't get a pic. Hugs.

  2. You and your husband sound like my husband and I when we go for a drive around here. My husband is so accommodating too, backing up when possible, turning around otherwise. We are fortunate to have such men in our lives. They take our photography hobby seriously and support us any way they can.

  3. Thanks for the lists, Debbie. I did print them.

  4. Many neat things to see! So glad you photograph all the fun scenes for us! So fun to see what people do in different parts of our nation! I liked yesterday's post too---looked like you sure enjoyed the ELF presentation, glad you got to go! Hope your Christmas season is coming along nicely! Busy here!----trying to get some decor up!!! The older we get, the LONGER IT TAKES.

  5. Great captures here Debbie, I especially like the lobster traps tree.

    All the best Jan

  6. Love the scavenger hunt. Reminds me of May 2020. We were restless from the COVID lock down. I said let's look at the Christmas lights. My husband laughed, but we saw one street lamp, 3 Christmas trees, and one house still sporting Christmas lights. Ha! Love the truck and the tree.

  7. You always have the most delightful photos, Debbie!

    That lobster trap tree is extraordinary!

  8. Love that vintage truck! And the Letters to Santa mailbox! The scavenger hunt looks like such a fun thing to do. x K

  9. Great captures! The truck and the mail box are my favorite subjects.
    Poor lobsters..... better as a tree than a trap in the sea.

  10. Hello, Debbie
    It is fun just riding around looking at all the Christmas decorations. I love the old truck, the tree and Santa's mailbox.
    The scavenger hunt sounds like fun! Take care, have a happy day!

  11. Great old truck! I'd stop for that, too. Whoever came up with the lobster trap Christmas tree is clever!

  12. The Christmas lights scavenger hunt is such a cute idea!~

  13. Oh I do love that truck too, they have decorated it so neat and I love the color!
    Fun Christmas tree idea, I think I saw that on a show one year :)
    That's great they have a direct link to Santa box!
    Have a fun time with your scavenger hunt!

  14. i always love your Christmas Scavenger hunts. You do have fun. I loved the truck with the tree in it. It reminds me of when I was young. My Dad would get a tree and put it in the back of the truck, fond memories. I love how people have such unique ideas for doing trees. These were awesome; great photos.
    Sending hugs!